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Last updated: August 11, 2009
Please send any corrections and additions to:
[email protected]

These are the contact addresses at the Linux Gazette. We'll be adding more addresses as time goes on and the need for specific sub-headings becomes apparent; feel free to contact us if you feel that there's a necessary "department" missing.

Note: Please enable the "humor" option before proceeding further; involuntary chuckles may result. You have been warned, and we will be totally irresponsible.

LG-related mailing lists

lg-announce: Linux Gazette Announcements
lg-mirrors: Announcements to Linux Gazette mirror admins
lg-translators: Announcements to Linux Gazette translators
TAG: The Answer Gang

All of these can be found at http://lists.linuxgazette.net/mailman/listinfo/.

New issue notification
[email protected]
This is as close as you can get to "subscribing" to Linux Gazette (the question that we're eternally answering for folks who don't understand how webzines work. No, there's no print version - but feel free to email our Editor-in-Chief, below, if you decide you want to produce one.) Send an email to the above address, with the word "subscribe" as either the subject or the body, and you will be added to the list of people who are notified when we publish each issue. Tell your friends; have them tell two friends... [ recursion, n. See {recursion}. ]

Article submission
[email protected]
We are always on the lookout for good articles written by our readers. If you have an interesting Linux experience to relate, a Linux-related topic on which you're knowledgeable, or anything Linux (and preferably fun) that you think may interest our readers, please check out our author submission guidelines and send it to the above address.

[email protected]
Summaries of Linux-related news. Please submit these in a plain-text format; a one- or two-paragraph summary (as opposed to a large and rambling press release) is strongly preferred; non-text submissions may be ignored, or possibly stomped on, wadded up, tossed into the trash and set on fire with extreme prejudice (maybe not, but why chance it?)

LG Editor
[email protected]
Reader concerns, writing advice, ruthless redaction, and a skewed sense of humor - with sailing, motorcycles, flying, and yoga thrown into the mix for randomness. Witty repartee on alternate Tuesdays, deep philosophy at odd moments, helpless dragons saved from ravening princesses when occassion warrants, belly laughs at the Universe happily shared at any time. Write at your own risk; results may be highly variable, and past performance is not a guarantee of future behavior.

The Answer Gang
[email protected]
An irreverent bunch of wild-eyed Linux maniacs, who nevertheless manage to come up with some terrific answers to a broad variety of Linux-related (and, in the fully-extended meaning of the word, other) questions. Please read the Asking Questions of The Answer Gang guide, lest the daemons of RTFM and STFW devour your liver after extracting it with a plastic fork (it hasn't happened yet, but you never know...)

[email protected]
The people who bring the Linux Gazette to the rest of the world (thank you all!) If you want to be one of the few, the proud... that's right, the Marines are looking for a few good men. However, if you know English as well as another language, and are looking to get paid in the finest of Open Source coin - respect and recognition of the Open Source community - then please join us. You do not have to translate the entire issue, or even do it on any regular schedule - anything you decide to contribute would be great. However, if you're the first (senior) translator for your language, don't be surprised if a bunch of people offer to help you in your effort.

[email protected]
For those who would like to provide the Linux Gazette as a local resource to their community, this is the address to ping when you want to join the list, or have questions, concerns, issues... or just good wine, fine music, interesting books, or other great stuff you're willing to share. Bribes cheerfully accepted, midnight deals handled with suave aplomb, tearful offers of eternal love and fealty considered, flames (unless they're new and interesting) "/dev/null"ed, duels (my choice of weapons) pre-accepted.