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Last updated: March 4, 2005

Documents Under (or Need) Review

Please email [email protected] if you are able to conduct any of the necessary reviews. Reviews will be conducted according to the Linux Documentation Project Reviewer HOWTO. You must be subscribed to editors mailing list before you can post to it. Subscription information is available at

Documents Under (or Need) Review
Document Author(s) Notes
Linux MP3 HOWTO Phil Kerr Reviewer Mahesh T. Pai, started 20050805
Check 20050810: nearly finished, ongoing conversion to DocBook
Check 20050905: reviewer sent revisions to author, waiting for implementation.
DVD Ripping HOWTO Timo Benk Reviewer Jack Marxer, started 20051129
BootDisk HOWTO Abraham Alawi Alison Verbree, started 20051201
Home Network mini-HOWTO Richard Schetnan 20050824: Update started
Linux Aviation HOWTO Nicolas Dufour 20050718: Review started
Check 20060316: Nearly ready.
Security Quickstart HOWTO Jimi Ayodele 200508: from unmaintained to under review.
Check 20050905: restyling in progress.
Check 20060316: slow but steady progress.
RedHat Security Quickstart HOWTO Timothy Lyons 200508: from unmaintained to under review.
X Window User HOWTO Vineet Chadha 200508: from unmaintained to under review.

Documents Requiring Markup Assistance

Documents Requiring Markup Assistance
Document Author(s) Notes

New Documents and Documents In Progress

If you are working on a new HOWTO, FAQ, or Guide; or have an idea/topic for a new document please send your proposal (and a brief introduction about yourself) to the LDP's discussion list ([email protected]). Note: you must be subscribed to post. Subscription information is available from:

Documents In Progress
Document Author(s) Author Notes
Subversion, SSH, Server/Client HOWTO Swapnil Durgade April 20, 2006: review started by Kevin Wilson.
Human Computer Interaction HOWTO [DRAFT] Ethan Glasser-Camp
glasser at rpi dot edu
July 15, 2004: Draft version is half finished.
20050719: checkup: author is revamping document.
LPI Certification Self-Study Guide David Horton
dhorton at speakeasy dot net
July 14: Submitted document for peer review
Network Programming HOWTO Carsten Kolassa
tldp at
Proposed: July 2003
May 20, 2004: Progress on the C and C++ sections (revision history has not been updated). April 23, 2004: New version will be available by the end of April. Checked 20050719: final release ready by September.

Please note: To remain on this list documents must be under active development. At a minimum authors must provide a monthly status update to the discuss list, or to the Review Coordinator.

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