3. About the Document

Mirrors, Translations, Versions, Formats, URLs

3.1. URLs in this Document

Many times I have mentioned MetaLab formerly known as SunSite. This site carries a heavy load, so do yourself a favor, use one of the MetaLab mirrors .

For Debian/GNU Linux the mirror URLs are organized in the scheme http://www.<country code, e.g. uk>.debian.org .

Nearly all of the programs I mention are available as Debian/GNU Linux package, or as RPM package. Look up your favorite RPM server, for instance rpmfind .

3.2. Latest Version, Mirrors

Former issues of this text are available at the THE LINUX DOCUMENTATION PROJECT - TLDP.

The latest version of this document is available at TuxMobil - HOWTOs.

3.3. Proposed Translations

The following translations are under construction:

Please contact me before starting a translation to avoid double work. Since a translation is a great amount of work, I recommend to do this work as a group, for instance together with your local Linux Users Group - LUG.