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Project Status

Updated Mon Feb 14 2011

[ NOTE: If you're a new volunteer, you'll most likely need to set up SVN and read the Proofing FAQ (not just for proofers - contains lots of good material on editing, etc.) Please send your public SSH key and short bio, preferably including a ~200x200 picture (see examples) to the Editor. ]

This list shows the status of some of the current projects at the Linux Gazette; more will be added as time goes on. Each project below is coded by color, representing its status:

Still in the conceptual stage, or simply needs someone to run it. Click on the "Description" link to see the details, and click on the "Contact" link if you're interested in becoming the maintainer for it.
Already has a maintainer, but needs more volunteers to support it. The "Contact" link will put you in touch with the maintainer.
Delayed or stopped due to a problem other than lack of volunteers (it may, for example, require some expertise that we don't have available.) Please check the "Details" link and jump in if you can help!
Running fine, and has enough volunteers supporting it.

Anyone with ideas for improving LG, or adding useful projects to this list, please contact the Editor. More categories/colors may be added if the need for them becomes apparent.

Name Status Maintainer Description Contact
App of the Month blue - Link Email
Book Reviews blue - Link Email
Check Links blue - Link Email
Column Editors red - Link Email
Conference Reporters blue - Link Email
Crossword Puzzle blue - Link Email
Front Cover Art blue - Link Email
Linux in Schools red - Link Email
Mailbag Processing yellow Ben Okopnik Link Email
Mirror Maintainer green Joey Prestia Link Email
NewsBytes yellow Deividson Okopnik Link Email
Other Linux Publications red - Link Email
Proofing yellow Ben Okopnik Link Email
Pull Quotes red - Link Email
Scout for Funnies red - Link Email
Technical Editing yellow Ben Okopnik Link Email
Updating the KnowledgeBase red - Link Email

The Linux Gazette welcomes people of any ability level, age, social stratus, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political opinion or physical aspect. The only requirements for participation in the project are basic civility and respect for others.