BogoMips mini-Howto

Wim van Dorst, [email protected]

2006-03-02, version V38

Revision History
Revision v382006-03-02
Added legal stuff, updated and enhanced revhistory, various improvements to the XML markup, general text editing, plenty of new entries and some corrections, and a new highest (6800.58), which is the real reason for a new update; added new section; added the translators' names; added a colofon; added birthdate of BogoMips (11 July 1993).
Revision v342003-08-07
__ Jubilee edition: ten years of existence of the BogoMips mini-Howto. Ratings have now reached new peaks over 6000 BogoMips
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Revision First publicationLate 1993
__ named BogoMips Information Sheet, well before the term Howto and mini-Howto were coined. Does anyone still have a copy of this text for me, please? Plain Ascii list.

The mini-howto text gives information about BogoMips, compiled from various sources such as news and e-mail. New BogoMips entries for the mini-Howto, notably for unlisted CPUs, will be highly appreciated. They can be sent by e-mail to the author Wim van Dorst

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Colofon
2. The highest and lowest BogoMips ratings
2.1. The highest single-CPU Linux boot sequence BogoMips value
2.2. The lowest Linux boot sequence BogoMips value
2.3. The highest dual core (SMP2, hypertreading) BogoMips value
2.4. The highest multiple-CPU Linux boot sequence BogoMips value
2.5. The highest non-Linux BogoMips value
3. The frequently asked questions about BogoMips
3.1. What are BogoMips
3.2. How to estimate what the proper BogoMips rating should be
3.3. How to determine what the current BogoMips rating is
3.4. Variations in BogoMips rating
3.5. New BogoMips algorithm?
3.6. BogoMips ... failed
3.7. What about clone CPUs (Cyrix, NexGen, AMD, etc)
3.8. Why to pay attention to BogoMips
4. Compilation of ratings
4.1. 386 systems: SX, DX, Nexgen
4.2. Oddly or faultily configured 386 systems
4.3. 486 systems
4.4. Oddly or faultily configured 486 systems
4.5. 486 variations: Cyrix/IBM, UMC, Intel Overdrive
4.6. Pentium systems
4.7. Oddly or faultily configured Pentium systems
4.8. Pentium variations: Intel (MMX, Pro, II, Celeron, III, 4, M)
4.9. Pentium variations: Cyrix, AMD (K5/K6/K7, Duron, Athlon, Opteron), Centaur
4.10. Alpha systems
4.11. Motorola systems
4.12. Sparc systems
4.13. PowerPC systems
4.14. Other CPU systems: Mips, Intel 8088/286 ELKS, IBM, Transmeta Crusoe, PA-RISC, Hitachi SH, Arm and StrongArm, iDragon, Vax, CRIS Etrax, XScale, Rise
4.15. Dual-CPU systems (SMP2, hyperthreading, Dual core)
4.16. Multi-CPU systems (SMP4, Beowulf, others)
4.17. Non-Linux systems (reference only)
5. Signature

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1. Introduction

This text, initially started back in 1993 as BogoMips Information Sheet, is retrievable in the most up-to-date version from its homepage at, and from the various Linux archives.

Translations from this English version (by Wim van Dorst) are reported to be available in Chinese, French (by Antoine Levavasseur), Hungarian (by Daczi László), Indonesian (by Mohammad Damt), Italian (by Federico Lucifredi), Russian (by Mikhail Korepanov), Spanish (by Juan Carlos Durán García), Slovak (by Filip Hroch) and several other languages (German, Norwegian, Polish, Japanese, Portugese), unfortunately without details yet, all from the appropriate archives.

An explanatory magazine article, titled 'the Quintessential Linux Benchmark,' was published in the Linux Journal, vol 21, January 1996. The BogoMips is also explained in the Jargon File and the Wikipedia.

New mini-Howto entries for unlisted CPUs will be highly appreciated. They can be sent by e-mail to the author Wim van Dorst

1.1. Colofon

This mini-Howto is currently written in Docbook XML 4.4. Early versions of the mini-Howto, in the '90s, were in plain ASCII text. Then in the last year of the '90, it was converted to then current HTML 3.x, upgraded later to HTML 4, and in 2000 further upgraded to Linuxdoc SGML. Since version v37 in 2004, the full blown Docbook XML is used, with the Linux Document Project XSL stylesheets, to better fit in with the other mini-Howtos and Howtos.

There is only one tool to edit the various files, and that is vi, the renowned Unix text editor. XML to xhtml conversion tools include xmlto and the xsl-stylesheets of the TLDP. For the Clifton website these sames tools and stylesheets are used; the different look and feel comes from the Clifton CSS.

2. The highest and lowest BogoMips ratings

The following are the highest and the lowest BogoMips ratings, as reported directly to me, or published on Usenet.

2.1. The highest single-CPU Linux boot sequence BogoMips value

2.2. The lowest Linux boot sequence BogoMips value

2.3. The highest dual core (SMP2, hypertreading) BogoMips value

2.4. The highest multiple-CPU Linux boot sequence BogoMips value

  • Dan Kirkpatrick, [email protected]

  • 102 CPU Beowulf of Pentium IIIs, at 1000MHz

  • 203862.30 BogoMips

2.5. The highest non-Linux BogoMips value

  • [email protected]

  • Sequent Numa-Q, 32 Pentium CPUs at 180MHz

  • Dynix operating system

  • 3776.00 BogoMips

3. The frequently asked questions about BogoMips

Several authors have contributed to my knowledge of BogoMips. In this place, I would like to thank them highly.

3.1. What are BogoMips

Quoted from the Internet, origin unknown but brought to the attention by Eric S Raymond, [email protected], and Geoff Mackenzie, [email protected], there is an humourously illustrative definition of BogoMips as ''the number of million times per second a processor can do absolutely nothing.''

On a more precise basis, from mail from Lars Wirzenius, wir[email protected], dated 9 September 1993, explaining BogoMips, with additional detailed information by Alessandro Rubini, [email protected], and by howto-author Wim van Dorst:

`MIPS is short for Millions of Instructions Per Second. It is a measure for the computation speed of a program. Like most such measures, it is more often abused than used properly (it is very difficult to justly compare MIPS for different kinds of computers).

BogoMips are Linus's own invention. The linux kernel version 0.99.11 (dated 11 July 1993) needed a timing loop (the time is too short and/or needs to be too exact for a non-busy-loop method of waiting), which must be calibrated to the processor speed of the machine. Hence, the kernel measures at boot time how fast a certain kind of busy loop runs on a computer. "Bogo" comes from "bogus", i.e, something which is a fake. Hence, the BogoMips value gives some indication of the processor speed, but it is way too unscientific to be called anything but BogoMips.

The reasons (there are two) it is printed during boot-up is that a) it is slightly useful for debugging and for checking that the computers caches and turbo button work, and b) Linus loves to chuckle when he sees confused people on the news.'

BogoMips are being determined in /usr/src/linux/init/main.c (simple C algorithm, with a nice example of floating point arithmetic within the fully integer kernel), and the pertaining kernel variable loops_per_sec is used in several drivers for more serious purpose. The actual delay function udelay() is in assembler, and therefore each port has its own definition in /include/asm/delay.h. The loops_per_sec variable and the udelay() function are used in numerous drivers, see:

cd /usr/src/linux #or where else source is located
find . -name '*.[hcS]' -exec fgrep loops_per_sec {} /dev/null \;
find . -name '*.[hcS]' -exec fgrep udelay {} /dev/null \;

The BogoMips calculation loop for the non Intel CPUs is similar but not the same, because it is programmed in another assembler language. BogoMips is however the only portable way over the various CPUs (Intel-type and non Intel-type) for getting an indication of the CPU speed. Even CPU clock speed is not available on all CPUs.

3.2. How to estimate what the proper BogoMips rating should be

From a initiative by Ian Jackson, [email protected], and Przemek Klosowski, then with just three or four entries, much updated and expanded by howto-author Wim van Dorst for current data, as listed below:

As a very approximate guide, the BogoMips can be calculated by:

System                      BogoMips           Comparison
Intel 8088                  clock * 0.004         0.02
Intel/AMD 386SX             clock * 0.14          0.8
Intel/AMD 386DX             clock * 0.18          1 (definition)
Motorola 68030              clock * 0.25          1.4
Cyrix/IBM 486               clock * 0.34          1.8
Intel Pentium               clock * 0.40          2.2
Intel 486                   clock * 0.50          2.8
AMD 5x86                    clock * 0.50          2.8
Mips R4000/R4400            clock * 0.50          2.8
Motorola 68040              clock * 0.67          3.7
PowerPC 603                 clock * 0.67          3.7
Intel StrongArm             clock * 0.66          3.7
Nexgen Nx586                clock * 0.75          4.2
PowerPC 601                 clock * 0.84          4.7

Alpha 21064/21064A          clock * 0.99          5.5
Alpha 21066/21066A          clock * 0.99          5.5
Alpha 21164/21164A          clock * 0.99          5.5
Intel Pentium Pro           clock * 0.99          5.5
Cyrix 5x86/6x86             clock * 1.00          5.6
Intel Pentium II/III        clock * 1.00          5.6
AMD K7/Athlon               clock * 1.00          5.6
Intel Celeron               clock * 1.00          5.6
Intel Itanium               clock * 1.00          5.6
Mips R4600                  clock * 1.00          5.6

Intel Itanium 2             clock * 1.49          8.3
Alpha 21264                 clock * 1.99         11.1
Centaur VIA                 clock * 1.99         11.1
AMD K5/K6/K6-2/K6-III       clock * 2.00         11.1
AMD Athlon XP/Athlon 64     clock * 2.00         11.1
AMD Duron/Opteron           clock * 2.00         11.1
UltraSparc II               clock * 2.00         11.1
Pentium MMX                 clock * 2.00         11.1
Pentium 4                   clock * 2.00         11.1
Centaur C6-2                clock * 2.00         11.1
PowerPC 604/604e/750        clock * 2.00         11.1
Motorola 68060              clock * 2.01         11.2
Intel Xeon (hyperthreading) clock * 3.97         22.1

Hitachi SH-4                not enough data (yet)
IBM S390                    not enough data (yet)
Intel ARM                   not enough data (yet)

Note that the BogoMips calculation loop does not take full advantage of the parallelism of various processors, such as the Intel Pentium and the Alpha 21164. Also read the section on 'New BogoMips algorithm?' below, since for some of these CPUs recent kernels may give different data.

3.3. How to determine what the current BogoMips rating is

There are three methods to determine the current BogoMips, viz.

  1. looking in /proc/cpuinfo, e.g., with `cat /proc/cpuinfo`. This method is highly preferred above the alternatives.

  2. looking in the syslog output to see what was printed there during booting. If you're lucky the information may still be on the booting virtual console (if necessary, switch to it with the Alt-F1 key combination), otherwise you can retrieve the information explicitly with dmesg or syslogk. This alternative gives accurate information but is more work.

  3. using the standalone bogomips program. This is only recommended for non-Linux system, for reasons pointed out below.

A non-determinative alternative, which is also applicable for non-Linux systems such as Crays, Palm PDAs, DOS, and similar, may be a standalone BogoMips program. Some versions are currently available, viz., by Darrick Wong, [email protected], and by Philip Snowdon, [email protected]. Jeff Tranter, [email protected] was the original author. From his readme file:

`Tired of rebooting your system so you can see how many BogoMips it's running at today? [...] "Bogomips" is a standalone program that displays your system performance using one of the world's most recognized benchmarks. It uses the same code that is used in the Linux kernel while booting, but runs as a user program. [...] Version 1.3 of BogoMips is now portable and should run on any system that supports an ANSI C compiler and library.'

Note that due to system load values calculated with a standalone program on Linux systems may be quite different from registered in the list below. Intrinsically a standalone program cannot give precisely similar information to the boot sequence BogoMips, since system load will compete with the program run by an ordinary user. Therefore only boot sequence BogoMips ratings are listed below.

Be aware that Jeff's original file on, named /pub/Linux/system/status/bogo-1.2.tar.gz, internally designated version 1.3, is rather outdated. Therefore, check out Darrick's program on, if still reachable. He even has a MSW*nd*ws binary version. And very interestingly, Phil Snowdon has developed the PalmOS version, to be found at

3.4. Variations in BogoMips rating

From Linus Torvalds, [email protected], explaining about the variation one may see in the BogoMips rating, in c.o.l.development, at 28 April 1994

`The BogoMips calculation loop is "quantizised", so you're most likely to get the exact same number all the time. You usually will get different numbers only if the speed is just on the "edge", when small variations (different time for interrupt ticks etc) will make it jump from one value to the other.'

If a kernel is not compiled specifically for the pertaining CPU, also some (even large) variations of the BogoMips ratings can occur, mainly due to erroneous alignment. This problem apparently only occurs on the various x86 CPUs (Intel and clones). Fortunately it can easily be solved: recompile the kernel specifically for your CPU.

3.5. New BogoMips algorithm?

No, the BogoMips algorithm, contrarily to popular believe, did NOT change over the various kernel versions. Furthermore, it is intrinsically the same for all CPUs of all makes.

What did change from kernel version 2.2.13 to 2.2.14 is the CPU state setting just before the BogoMips calculation. This affects the BogoMips rating for all Intel and AMD Pentium variations, resulting in approximately 2*clock, if they were not 2*clock already.

The entries based on these upgraded kernel versions for CPUs where this change was actually relevant for (Pentium II/III, Celeron, Athlon) are marked in the list below with an initial * (star symbol).

3.6. BogoMips ... failed

Suggested by various questions on the net and private mail, e.g., by Lily, [email protected], and by Pierre Frenkiel, [email protected]. In March 1995 they asked:

`When I boot Linux I get the message:

      Calibrating delay loop.. ok - 23.96 BogoMips
Where/why has the calibration delay loop failed?'

It didn't fail. If it had failed the text would have been

      Calibrating delay loop.. failed

What likely did fail was a driver for some gadget which you may not have in your machine. Just after calculating the BogoMips rating all device drivers are initiated. First the SCSI devices, then Net devices, etc. Any failure is duly reported. Noteworthy is the AHA152x driver. Other effects of failing drivers (and not of failing BogoMips calculations) are systems crashes, long waits, and complete system locks, somewhere close to (just before or just after) outputting the ok - xx.xx BogoMips text.

Since Linux 1.2 many error messages have improved, so upgrade to at least that version to find out which particular driver it is that is failing. Also recompile the kernel to only include the drivers that are actually needed for your hardware configuration.

3.7. What about clone CPUs (Cyrix, NexGen, AMD, etc)

Cyrix 486-like CPUs need cache enabling software, sometimes referred to as BogoBoost software. Cyrix 5x86 and 6x86 CPUs may have their BogoMips improved drastically by branch-prediction (BIOS option). Note that the performance improvement may be marginal. There are several packages available for adjusting Cyrix CPUs, such as the BogoBoost patch, cx5x86mod, and set6x86, all from the normal archives, in obvious places. It is reported the Cyrix 6x86 CPUs may give better performance when the kernel is compiled with 486-optimization, instead Pentium-optimization.

NexGen 386-enhanced CPUs, marked as Nx586, are listed as 386-like, since the fact that they are performing like Pentium machines is not relevant to BogoMips.

AMD 5x86, also denoted as AMD 486DX5, are quadrupled 486/33 machines. They are fully in line with other 486 CPUs. The AMD K5 and the K6 are Pentium-like CPUs, with their own BogoMips multipliers.

3.8. Why to pay attention to BogoMips

Let me add that there are only two reasons for paying attention to the BogoMips rating that is presented on booting Linux:

  1. To see whether it is in the proper range for the particular processor, its clock frequency, and the potentially present cache. Many CPUs are prone to faulty setups of

    • memory cache setting (write-back is wrong for BogoMips, often reported lower than 5; write-through is ok)

    • turbo-buttons (should be ON)

    • BIOS-software emulated fake cache (change it for real cache)

    • similar cache and clock related things, sometimes also BIOS-software related

  2. To see whether your system is faster than mine. Of course this is completely wrong, unreliable, ill-founded, and utterly useless, but all benchmarks suffer from this same problem. So why not use it? This inherent stupidity has never before stopped people from using benchmarks, has it? :-)

    Note of the author: this remark was made somewhere in the mid nineties when comparing high BogoMips rates for some low-capacity CPUs with high clockrates (e.g., 486) to rates for CPUs with lower clock rates but much more capacity (e.g., Pentiums).

More serious uses for real benchmarking are addressed in the Linux Benchmarking Howto by Andre D. Balsa.

4. Compilation of ratings

The following table gives some reported BogoMips ratings for various systems: close to 2000 entries by about 1500 different persons, from over 50 different countries. Each entry lists the CPU type (e.g. Pentium M); the clock speed (/1700) in MHz; the BogoMips rating with two decimals, and the reporter's name and e-mail address. Note that the ratings here are from the actual Linux booting sequence, except of course for the section on Non-Linux Systems. And all e-mail addresses have been anti-spam manipulated: replace @_ with @ for the original reporter.

Some entries are marked with an '*'. See the chapter above about the 'New algorithm?' for explanation. Other abbreviations used in the tables include overcl for overclocked CPUs running at a higher clockrate than it is officially purchased for, SMP for Symmetric MultiProcessing, and ht for hyperthreading, listed under SMP.

4.1. 386 systems: SX, DX, Nexgen

   System              BogoMips  Reporter
   386SX/8 undercl        1.04   Andrew Costa <[email protected]>
   386SX/12               1.78   Klaus Kettner <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               1.99   James Vahn <[email protected]>
   386SX/16 Packard Bell  2.05   <[email protected]_Belvedere\>
   386SX/16               2.09   David E. Fox <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               2.15   W Stevens <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               2.2    Lech Marcinkowski <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               2.23   Andrew Bulhak <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               2.23   Steven M. Gallo <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               2.34   Kevin Burtch <[email protected]>
   386SX/16 turbo         2.38   Andrew Haylett <[email protected]>
   386SX/16 0c            2.43   Adam Clarke <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               2.49   Waymon <[email protected]>
   386SX/20               2.7    Alex Strasheim <[email protected]>
   386SX/20               2.70   J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   386SX/20               2.89   Anders Stenback <[email protected]>
   386SXL/25 AMD          2.9    Vaughan R. Pratt <[email protected]>
   386SX/25 AMD 0c        3.06   K.J. MacDonald <[email protected]>
   386SX/25 AMD           3.38   Hamish Coleman <[email protected]>
   386SX/25 0c            3.52   Rogier Wolff <[email protected]>
   386SL/25 Intel         3.57   S Harris <[email protected]>
   386SX/25 AMD           3.62   S Harris <[email protected]>
   386SXL/25 AMD 0c       3.71   David E.A. Wilson <[email protected]>
   386SX/33 Intel         3.92   Yves Bellefeuille <[email protected]>
   386SX/33 Intel         4.06   Kenneth J. Hoover <[email protected]>
   386SX/33               4.71   Alexander Komlik <[email protected]>
   386SX/40 Intel 0c      6.03   Michael Kenyon <[email protected]>

   386DX/16               2.49   Mike <[email protected]>
   386DX/20 Intel         3.0    Malcolm Reeves <[email protected]>
   386DX/20 Intel         3.08   Si. Harris <[email protected]>
   386DX/20 Nec Powermate 3.22   David J Dawkins <[email protected]>
   386DX/20 Micronics     3.25   M Haardt <[email protected]>
   386DX/20               3.67   Joost Helberg <[email protected]>
   386DX/25               3.91   Ian McCloghrie <[email protected]>
   386DX/25               3.92   Test Man <[email protected]>
   386DX/25               3.95   Grant Edwards <[email protected]>
   386DX/25 0cache        3.96   J.O. Williams <[email protected]>
   386DX/25 32cache       4.53   J.M.A. Lahtinen <[email protected]_klaava.Helsinki.FI>
   386DX/33               5.86   Tim Lacy <[email protected]>
   386DX/33 64cache       5.99   Lars Wirzenius <[email protected]_kruuna.Helsinki.FI>
   386DX/33 Intel         5.99   Harri Pasanen <[email protected]>
   386DX/33 no387         6.03   Joel B.Levin <[email protected]>
   386DX/33 387           6.03   Peter Bechtold <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               6.21   J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   386DX/33               6.46   Dennis Robinson <[email protected]>
   386DX/33               6.5    Dean Nelson <[email protected]>
   386DX/33 387 256cache  6.65   Wim van Dorst <[email protected]>
   386DX/33               6.65   R Lim <[email protected]>
   386DX/33               6.7    Craig Hagan <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               6.99   Ken Wilcox <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD           7.76   Joe Phillips <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD           7.10   Kerry Person <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.10   D. Bikram Singh <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 128cache      7.23   Julian Francis Day <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 bogoboosted   7.23   Pat St Jean <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD 128cache  7.23   Bergs <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 slow DRAM     7.26   John Lockwood <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 128c          7.29   Karsten Friese <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.29   E.C. Garrison <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.29   Darin Cowan <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.29   Bonne van Dijk <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD           7.76   Todd Lindner <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.76   Bear Giles <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD 387 64c   7.91   <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.98   F Pilhofer <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 64c           7.98   Dean Junk <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD 32c       7.98   Tommy Olsen <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD           7.98   James Reith <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.98   Aaron T. Baldie <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 128c          7.98   John Pate <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.98   Christian Nelson <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               7.98   Alan Peckham <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               8.06   Michael Guslick <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               8.06   Richard Brown <[email protected]>
   386DX/40               8.06   Bill G. Bohling <[email protected]>
   386DX/40 AMD           8.06   McWilliam <[email protected]>

   Nx586/90 NexGen       67.44   <[email protected]>
   Nx586/90 NexGen       67.44   Robert Gehring <[email protected]>
   Nx586/90 NexGen       67.48   David G. Eckard <[email protected]>
   Nx586/100 NexGen      74.34   Cameron L. Spitzer <[email protected]>
   Nx586/100 NexGen 256c 74.56   Marius Groenendijk <[email protected]>
   Nx586/110 NexGen 256c 81.51   Michael J. Micek <[email protected]>
   Nx586/110 NexGen      81.51   Ron Marsh <[email protected]>

4.2. Oddly or faultily configured 386 systems

   System              BogoMips  Reporter
   386DX/16 387 nocache   0.57   H. Peter Anvin <[email protected]>
   386DX/25               0.82   P Wright <[email protected]>
   386DX/25 nocache       1.03   Mark A. Horton <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               1.5    Stefan Kromer <[email protected]>
   386SX/16               1.6    Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
   386SX/20               1.87   Paul C. Dulany <[email protected]>
   386SX/20               2.45   Roger Harkess <[email protected]>
   386DX/25(?) 128c       6.03   Chuck Meo <[email protected]>
   386DX/20              13      Ed Runnion <[email protected]>

4.3. 486 systems

   System             BogoMips   Reporter
   486SX/20 DECpc         9.98   Thomas Pfau <[email protected]>
   486SX/25              12.24   M. Buchenrieder <[email protected]>
   486SX/25              12.3    Darren McKay <[email protected]>
   486SX/25              12.42   Mark R. Lindsey <[email protected]>
   486SX/25              12.42   Samuel Thibault <[email protected]>
   486DX/25              12.5    Phillip Hardy <[email protected]>
   486SX/25              12.52   Emmanual Emore <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 256c         16.33   Eric Kemminan <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.35   Christopher L. Morrow <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.43   Rob Janssen <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 64cache      16.44   H. Peter Anvin <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 256c DIY     16.44   Wouter Liefting <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 Intel 128c   16.44   Rafal Kustra <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.5    Alex Freed <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.6    Vaughan R. Pratt <[email protected]_Sunburn.Stanford.EDU>
   486DX/33 noturbo      16.61   Vetter <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.61   Jeffrey L. Newbern <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.61   Giuseppe De Marco <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.61   M Heuler <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.61   Frank Lofaro <[email protected]>
   486SX/33              16.64   Jacob Papenfuss <[email protected]>
   486SX/33              16.64   Samuel Thibault <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.77   Donald Lewis <[email protected]>
   486DX/33              16.77   Stephan Boettcher <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 256c         16.77   D Manchester <[email protected]>
   486DX/40              19.8    Jose Calhariz <[email protected]>
   486DX/40              19.91   M Heuler <[email protected]>
   486DX/40              19.96   David A. Ranch <[email protected]>
   486DX/40 AMD          19.97   M Haardt <[email protected]_informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
   486DX/40 Intel        19.97   Paul van Spronsen <[email protected]>
   486DX/40              19.97   Ulf Tietz <[email protected]>
   486DX/40              19.97   <[email protected]>
   486DX/40              19.97   Zoltan Lajber <[email protected]>
   486DX/40              19.97   Wim van Dorst <[email protected]>
   486DX/40 AMD          20      Chuck Munro <[email protected]>
   486DX/40 AMD          20.09   Pieter Eendebak <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              24.48   Arnd Gehrmann <[email protected]>
   486DX/50 AMD          24.85   Klaas Hemstra <[email protected]>
   486DX/50 DTK          24.85   Randolph Christophers <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              24.85   Kevin Lentin <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50             24.85   Jason Matthew <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50             24.85   Gregory P. Smith <[email protected]>
   486SX2/50             24.93   Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
   486DX/50 VLB          24.97   Tom Miller <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              24.99   Jeff <[email protected]>
   486DX/50 Intel 256c   24.99   Mike <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              25      Robert Herzog <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50             25      M. Abrahamsson <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50             25.0    Christian Holtje <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50 DECpc       25.04   Thomas Pfau <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50 Eisa        25.04   John Willing <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50 256c        25.04   Zhou Yanmo <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              25.04   Michael Kress <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50             25.04   Mats Wikholm <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50             25.04   J C Delepine <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              25.04   J C Delepine <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              25.04   Kevin Burtch <[email protected]>
   486DX/50 notebook     25.04   Pierre Frenkiel <[email protected]>
   486DX/50              25.10   Heuler <[email protected]>
   486DX2/50             25.4    Brian Kennedy <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             32      Lee Sau Dan <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             32.87   Samuel Thibault <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             32.9    Frederick <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33      Alec Muffett <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33      NN <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33      Steve Tinney <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Intel       33      Chuck Munro <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 VLB         33.0    Sebastien Dedieu <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 AMD         33.05   G Skinner <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 VLB         33.18   Pablo Iranzo Gomez <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 VLB         33.18   Dag Wieers <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.18   Remco den Besten <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.20   Arnd Gehrmann <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Intel/PCI   33.22   C Menke <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.22   Brian Ricker <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.22   Don Bennett < <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.22   Robert Heller <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.22   Warwick Ward-Cox <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.22   Chien-An Chen <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Eisa/VL     33.22   Serge <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 AMD         33.22   Wayne Robinson <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Intel       33.22   Jim Barber <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.22   Tom Lowery <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.27   Viznyuk <[email protected]>
   486SX2/66             33.28   Jacob Papenfuss <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.3    Devon Tuck <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 256cache    33.4    H. Peter Anvin <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.5    Jongyoon Lee <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.5    Petrovsky Alexey <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.5    Sung Lee <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Gene McCulley <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   W. Zeilinger <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Donald Lewis <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Eric Malkowski <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 0c          33.55   Chris Petit <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Jesper de Jong <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   John Paul Morrison <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Arash <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Ralph Lewis <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Ulisses Alonso Camaro <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Intel/PCI   33.55   L J LaBash <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Intel       33.55   Andrew Tubbiolo <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   W Fink <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 ICL         33.55   Mathias Koerber <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.55   Bill Pogue <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 256c        33.58   Theo Scott <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.7    Triantafillou <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 256c Intel  33.81   S Harris <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             33.9    Magnus Back <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 notebook    33.9    Robert A Knop <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66             34.06   Al Clark <[email protected]>
   486DX4/75 notebook    37.38   January W <[email protected]>
   486DX4/75             37.47   G Asmundarson <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             39.83   Samuel Thibault <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             39.93   Andrew Tubbiolo <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 overcl/66   39.94   Mario L. Guttierez <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         39.94   Corey D Brenner <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             39.94   Dan Delaney <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             39.94   D tHaar <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 overcl      39.94   Peter Suetterlin <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 overcl      39.94   Alex Montaron <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         39.94   JL Gomez <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         39.94   Pete Krawczyk <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         40      Rene Baart <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         40      Wolfgang Kalthoff <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             40.0    Rick Brown <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         40.14   Jon Lewis <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         40.14   Richard S. Stone <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             40.15   Oleg <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80 AMD         40.18   Adri Verhoef <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             40.18   Mats Andtbacka <[email protected]>
   486DX2/100 AMD overcl 49.14   Jon Lewis <[email protected]>
   5x86/100 AMD undercl  49.66   NN <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            49.66   Pete Cervasio <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 256c       49.71   L Pressler <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            49.71   Brett Gersekowski <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 Intel 256c 49.77   Angelo Haritsis <[email protected]>
   5x86/100 AMB undercl  49.77   Bernd Hentig <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            49.78   Aurel Balmosan <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            49.87   Chris Saia <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            49.87   Aaron Brick <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50      Donald Lewis <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.02   Peter Skov Knudsen <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.02   Shadow Weaver <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 AMD        50.3    Dave <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 AMD        50.04   Tony Smolar <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.05   fredk <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.06   Ronald Prague <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Matt Gisher <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Steven A. Duchene <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Miles O'Neal <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Will <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Piet de Bondt <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 laptop     50.08   Karl Kleinpaste <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 256c       50.08   Thomas Kanschik <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Linas Vepstas <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Ed Daiga <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 notebook   50.08   Gerry Quejada <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 AMD        50.08   B Schuller <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   David E.A. Wilson <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Mark Lumsden <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Ashar <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Jacob Waltz <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Tom Sinclair <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 AMD        50.08   G. Skinner <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 AMD        50.08   Nick Savoiu <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Thomas J Fisher <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Pascal Pensa <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.08   Julian Bradbury <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.51   Frederic Potter <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            50.66   Bill Stegers <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 256c       59.1    Kevin <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD        59.80   Mark Tranchant <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD        59.80   Fred Broce <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD        59.90   Marko Ovaska <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD        59.80   Bob Purdon <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD        59.80   Pat Young <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120            59.91   Will <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD 256c   60.01   Angelo Haritsis <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 overcl     60.45   Pascal Pensa <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120            60.45   Neal Howard <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD        60.45   Oscar Belmar Madrid <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120            60.45   Jason Buchanan <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120            60.45   Forsterling <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120            60.45   Bernd Hentig <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.15   NN <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.15   Brad Wilson <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.15   Paul S. Doyle <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.44   P Krekola <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.44   V. Tailor <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.55   Andrew B. Cramer <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.56   Bob Nielsen <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.65   Geoff Raye <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.7    Klaas Hemstra <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          66.80   N.N. <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD   256c   67.10   Vasily Lewis <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD          67.10   James Reith <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD   256c   67.10   Yves Rougy <yrougy%[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD   256c   67.10   Peter A. Koren <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD   256c   67.10   Wim Joppe <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD   256c   67.10   Gunnar Stefansson <[email protected]>
   5x86/133 AMD   256c   67.10   Vernard Martin <[email protected]>
   5x86/150 AMD overcl   74.75   Sergio Riveros <[email protected]>
   5x86/150 AMD overcl   74.75   Arthur K. Chan <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   79.87   Suencksen <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   79.87   J. Chris Hammond <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   79.87   Bird Chen <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   79.89   Geir Skaugen <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   79.89   Martin Vernon <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   79.92   T. Zerucha <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   80.36   Paul Colucci <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   80.36   Steinar Haug <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD overcl   80.36   James Daniel <[email protected]>
   5x86/160 AMD          80.36   David H.S. Oh <[email protected]>

4.4. Oddly or faultily configured 486 systems

   System              BogoMips  Reporter
   486DX/33 0c            1.45   Mark Gray <[email protected]>
   486SL/25 0c            1.95   Paraskevas Evripidou <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40 0c           2.45   S.Schendel <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 128c          2.94   P.J. Nefkens <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD         3.04   Andrew Steinbach <[email protected]>
   486DX5/133 AMD         3.05   Eric Hagen <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 Cyrix       3.06   Stuart Harvey <[email protected]>
   486DX5/133 AMD         3.06   Charles Galpin <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100             3.06   Bear Giles <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80              3.08   Gerald E. Butler <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD         3.08   Charles Hines <[email protected]>
   486DX4/66 256c         3.10   Riccardo Capella <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 wb-cache    3.10   Paul Close <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120             3.13   Brian Perkins <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD         3.15   <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100             3.17   Thomas Sudbrak <[email protected]>
   486SLC2/50 Cyrix       3.30   Colin J. Wynne <[email protected]>
   486DX/33               3.61   Marten van de Laan <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 noturbo       3.61   Dimitris Evmorfopoulos <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120             3.74   Brian Wheeler <[email protected]>
   486DX4/120 AMD         3.74   Fr Pilhofer <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 Cyrix 256c  4      Joel Kelso <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 256c noturbo  4.25   Wouter Liefting <[email protected]>
   486DX/33               4.66   Mark Gray <[email protected]>
   486Rx2 Cyrix 25/50     4.85   <[email protected]>
   486SX/33 noturbo       5.21   Scott D. Heavner <[email protected]_fishmonger.uucp>
   486DX2/66 overdrive    5.37   Jeremy Orr <[email protected]>
   486DX/33               5.66   Ryan Tucker <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66              5.88   P.J. Nefkens <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100             5.94   Howard Goldstein <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 AMD         5.94   Mr Pink <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 notebook    6.55   Thomas <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 notebook    6.55   Hugh McCurdy <[email protected]>
   486SLC Cyrix           7      Pieter Verhaeghe <[email protected]>
   486SX/33               7.84   Paul Hedderly <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40              7.98   Wil Cromer <[email protected]_Ra.MsState.Edu>
   486DX/33 256c          8.27   Rohan Tronson <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            11.11   NN <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            11.3    Earl Gooch <[email protected]>
*  486SLC/33 Cyrix       13.26   Daniel Path <[email protected]>
   486/66 Cyrix          13.02   Mike Baptiste <[email protected]>
   486SLC2/25            14.6    Vaughan R. Pratt <[email protected]_Sunburn.Stanford.EDU>
   486DX2/66 laptop      14.46   Robert Knop <[email protected]>
   486SLC2/66            18.94   <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 turbo        19.98   C Vetter <[email protected]>
   486DX4/75             21.5    Theo Scott <[email protected]>
   486DX4/75             24.13   Sherman Hsieh <[email protected]>
   486DX2/58             26.3    Vassili Leonov <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 overclock  28.67   Theo Scott <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             36      Mark Lee <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100 TI         39.94   Andre Lehrbach <[email protected]>
   486DX2/80             50.08   Mark Lee <[email protected]>
   486DX4/100            60      Sebastien Dedieu <[email protected]>
   486DX2/100 overclock  60.45   Tony D Shan <[email protected]>
   486DX5/133 AMD        75.40   Jeff Hyche <[email protected]>
   486DX5/133 AMD        80.08   NN <[email protected]>
   486DX5/133 AMD        87      John Wiggins <[email protected]>

4.5. 486 variations: Cyrix/IBM, UMC, Intel Overdrive

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   486DLC/33                 9.42  Dennis Robinson <[email protected]>
   486DLC/33 387DX/40        9.47  Denis Solaro <[email protected]>
   486DLC/33 Cyrix wb        9.5   M. Asplund <[email protected]>
   486DLC/33 Cyrix 386      11.2   Alex Freed <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40 256c           11.33  Schendel <[email protected]>
   486Dx/40 Cyrix           11.73  Malcolm Bremer <[email protected]>
   486DRx2/40 Cyrix         13.10  Christopher Lau <[email protected]>
   486DX/33 Cyrix           13.21  M Haardt <[email protected]_informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
   486DLC/40 bogoboost      13.21  Harry Pasanen <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40 487 Cyrix      13.21  Ian A. Verschuren <[email protected]_po.CWRU.Edu>
   486DCL Cyrix             13.3   Tracer Bullet P.I. <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40                13.31  Adam Frampton <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40                13.31  Rick Chow <[email protected]>
   486SLC-S/33              13.51  Brad Pepers <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40 no Cxpatch     15.47  Sergei O. Naoumov <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40 TI 128c        15.97  Philip K. Roban <[email protected]>
   486DLC/40 Cyrix          15.97  L.J. LaBash <[email protected]>
   486DRx2/40               15.99  Christopher Lau <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 IBM no-FF      19     NN <[email protected]>
   486SLC2/66 IBM 64c       18.95  Sujat Jamil <[email protected]>
   486SLC2/66 IBM 128c      18.95  Sujat Jamil <[email protected]>
   486SLC2/66               19.02  Harry Mangalam <[email protected]>
   486SLC/50                19.28  Sion Arrowsmith <[email protected]>
   486BL3/75 IBM 256c       21.40  Anders Stenback <[email protected]>
   486BL3/75 IBM 256c       21.50  Ming S. Chan <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Cyrix          26.62  Demian Marshall <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Cyrix 128c     26.63  Derek Kwan <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Cyrix          26.63  Adrian Parker <[email protected]>
   486DX2-S/66 256c         26.63  Jean-Marc Wislez <[email protected]>
   486DX2/66 Cyrix          26.63  Curran W. Fey <[email protected]>
   486BL3/100 IBM 256c      28.36  Anders Stenback <[email protected]>

   486SX-S/33 UMC 0c        20.20  Hynek Med <[email protected]>
   486SX-S/40 UMC 0c        26.52  Hynek Med <[email protected]>
   486SX-U5/40 UMC 0c       26.63  Dusan Mihajlovic <[email protected]>

   P0DP5V63/63             124.51  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>

4.6. Pentium systems

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   Pentium/60               23     Chien-An Chen <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60               23.96  Joost Helberg <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60               23.96  Ulf Tietz <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60 Gateway       23.96  Manoj Kasichainula <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60               23.96  Pierre Frenkiel <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60               23.96  Tim Oosterbroek <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60 NCR 3455      24     Mathias Koerber <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60               24     Joe Sloan <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60               24.0   Mark H. Wood <[email protected]>
   Pentium/60               24.13  R.M. van Rijswijk <[email protected]>
   Pentium/66               25     Chuck Munro <[email protected]>
   Pentium/66               26.63  Jason M. Naughton <[email protected]>
   pentium/66               26.84  Kelly Carmichael <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75 256c          29.5   Chris Dodd <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75               29.70  H. Cuijpers <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75               29.79  Scott M. Grim <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75               29.80  Torbjoern Kristoffersen <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75               29.95  Steve Martin <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75               30.22  Zoran Marjanski <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75               30.22  Andrew Buckby <[email protected]>
   Pentium/75               30.22  Stuart Nuttall <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90 notebook      32.73  Rich Neves <[email protected]>
   Pentium/83 overdrive     33.55  JCS <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               34.07  A. Galbraith <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90 zappa 256c    35.6   Sebastien Dedieu <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               35.84  Jason Nunn <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               35.88  Joe Anderson <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               35.88  Warwick Allison <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               35.94  Erik Walthinsen <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36     Joe Sloan <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36     Larry Auton <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36     Richard Knipe <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.0   Werner Almesberger <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.06  Rob J. Nauta <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Leung Hon Wa <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90 Zeos          36.08  Chris Laurel <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Ronald Prague <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Adrian Blues <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Pak Yin Tam "Fred" <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Jason Heiss <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Tim Krantz <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90 Gateway       36.08  Pete Stewart <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Tom Manos <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Richard Mundell <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  NN <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Yavuz Batmaz <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Alan Skelley <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Ralph Sims <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Julian Bradbury <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Dan Langrill <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  Ravi Krishna Swamy <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.08  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90 Micronics     36.09  Andrew Brown <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.27  Giao H Phan <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90 Plato         36.4   Joe Valenzuela <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.5   Mike Kelleher <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90               36.9   Ted Gaunt <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100 overcl       38.39  Stefan Onderka <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.52  Adrian Blues <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100 overcl       39.73  Phil Howard <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.73  <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100 0c           39.73  Jason Crawford <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100 overcl       39.83  Stefan Onderka <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.93  Tom Miller <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100 Cyrix        39.94  Mike Holland <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  KAZ Vorpal <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100 overcl       39.94  Donar G.E. Alofs <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  Larry Snyder <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  Ian Hill <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  John Crawford <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  Alexandre de Menezes <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  Jered <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100 overcl       39.94  Ian <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  Brian McGhee <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.94  M Skjelland <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.96  Dan Kha <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              39.98  Phillipe Charon <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              40.03  <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              40.08  Ronny Spiegel <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              40.18  David Baldwin <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100              40.18  <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120 Cyrix        47.8   Simon Ho <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              47.82  Jorge Juan-Chico <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120 Cyrix        47.92  Joel N. Squire <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              47.93  Umberto d'Ortona <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120 Cyrix        47.93  Jim T. Polk <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              47.93  Jon Trowbridge <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              47.98  Craig Bates <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              47.92   Aaron Brick <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120 Cyrix        48     Steve <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              48.00  Michael Wazenski <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120 Intel        48.02  Scott M. Grim <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120 Cyrix        48.27  Glenn T Jayaputera <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              48.27  Roman Mitnitski <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              48.27  Peter Walsh <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120 Cyrix        48.2   Viznyuk <[email protected]>
   Pentium/120              49.27  Simon Hargrave <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.04  Wayne Roberts <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.04  A.J. Wilson <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.04  Gregory Travis <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133 overcl       53.04  A. Kunigelis <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133 Intel        53.04  Jimmie Farmer <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.25  Chuck Mattern <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.26  Glenn Holt <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.26  Heikki Levanto <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.26  Chaim Tarshish <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.26  Mitchell B. Hamm <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.26  Donald Lewis <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.26  Jon Trowbridge <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.26  Charny Peete Mitchell <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133 256c         53.26  David Wuertele <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133 256c         53.68  Guiseppe Miceli <[email protected]>
   Pentium/133              53.68  Michael Kress <[email protected]>
   Pentium/150 Intel        59.80  Joel D. Young <[email protected]>
   Pentium/150              60.01  Joost de Greef <[email protected]>
   Pentium/150 overcl       60.21  Duarte Cordeiro <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166              66.16  Pedro Soria-Rodriguez <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166              66.35  K. Visweswaran <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166              66.36  T. Endo <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166              66.44  Donald Lewis <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166              66.76  F. Baitinger <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166              67.10  Jon Trowbridge <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166              67.10  Dylan <[email protected]>
   Pentium/166 512c         67.10  Dirk Freese <[email protected]>
   Pentium/188 overcl       74.96  Reijo Pitkanen <[email protected]>
   Pentium/200              79.66  Piete Brooks <[email protected]>
   Pentium/200              79.69  Timm Gleason <[email protected]>
   Pentium/200              79.89  Dave S. Baker <[email protected]>
   Pentium/200              78.87  Nick D'Apice <[email protected]>
   Pentium/200              80.08  Anders Stenback <[email protected]>
   Pentium/200              80.08  Steve Freeland <[email protected]>
   Pentium/200              81.92  Steve Baur <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/60              119.60  Luis Miguel Bruga <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/90              179.81  Gavin McDonald <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/100 HP          197.00  Kevin Rutan <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/100             198.66  Patrick Nichols <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/100             199.48  McWilliam <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/133             264.60  Lew Pitcher <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/133             265.42  Max Vasin <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/133             266.24  Vadim <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/133             266.24  Loren J Donelsson <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/166             331.78  Sabu <[email protected]>
*  Pentium/166             332.60  Electra Flarefire <[email protected]>

4.7. Oddly or faultily configured Pentium systems

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   Pentium/66                2.18  Bob Myers <[email protected]>
   Pentium/90 notebook       9.5   Mark Maybee <[email protected]>
   6x86/120 Cyrix           52.32  Joel Boring <[email protected]>
   Pentium/83 Overdrive     82.85  Brian Smith <[email protected]>
   Pentium/83 Overdrive     83.32  Scott Francis <[email protected]>
   Pentium/83 Overdrive     82.94  G. Spiegelberg <[email protected]>
   Pentium/83 Overdrive     83.35  Jacek Polewczak <[email protected]>
   6x86/120 P120+overcl    104.86  Howard Poe <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/266         130.66  <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/263 overcl  392.40  John Appleby <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            399.95  Chris Ebenezer <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/231         419.43  Juan Domenech <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/263 overcl  435.87  Juan Domenech <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Pentium Pro/200    700.13  R Carrico <[email protected]>

4.8. Pentium variations: Intel (MMX, Pro, II, Celeron, III, 4, M)

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   Pentium MMX/133         265.77  Ron Peters <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/150         307.53  Sami Sihvonen <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166 notebk  329.31  Massimo Pinto <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166 notebk  331.75  NN <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166         331.78  Rob Janssen <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166         331.78  Dave Page <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166         331.78  Matthew C. Sell <amt[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166         333.41  Sjoelie <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166         333.41  Viet Yen Nguyen <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166         333.41  Marcin Owsiany <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/166         333.46  McWilliam <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/180         358.81  David Efflandt <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.13  Andy Saunders <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.13  A. James Lewis <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.13  Sean Horan <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.19  Fabio Comolli <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.95  Reinhold J. Gerharz <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.95  Eric Beymer <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.95  Duane Steel <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         398.95  <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200 mobile  398.95  Nam <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         399.77  Wei-shi Tsai <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         399.77  Erik Terpstra <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         400     Rob Jokinen <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         400.59  Paul Black <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         400.59  Juho Cederstrom <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/200         400.59  Bart <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/210 overcl  416.97  John Saunders <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/225 overcl  448.92  Ingo Reimann <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/225 overcl  448.92  Mattias Hembruch <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/225 overcl  448.92  Larry Lade <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/230 overcl  461.85  Rene Stanneveld <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         463.67  Rui M.B. Machado <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         463.67  Rob Janssen <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         463.67  Jose Maria Perez Box <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         465.31  Per Andersson <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         466.94  Eric George <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         466.94  Mv Overbruggen <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         466.94  Keith Beacham <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/233         466.94  Erwin Lubbers <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/250 overcl  498.07  Maarten van Rossum <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/266 overcl  525.93  Frank <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/266         532.48  Wade Mealing <[email protected]>
   Pentium MMX/290 overcl  581.63  Brian <[email protected]>

   Pentium Pro/133         132.88  John D. Sundberg <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/150         149.50  Rogier Wolff <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/180         179.61  Chuck Fee <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         197.42  Michael Griffith <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         197.42  Curtis Varner <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         198.84  Erik Max Francis <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         198.84  Marc Winkler <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.04  V. Bostrom <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.06  Justin Clancy <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.06  Glenn Lamb <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.06  Laszlo Herczeg <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.07  Stefan <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.07  Greg Fausak <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.07  Chris Jones <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.07  Matthew S. Crocker <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.07  Roberto <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         199.95  Reinhold J. Gerharz <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         200.32  Gil Megidish <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         200.32  Jose Navarro <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         200.32  <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         200.32  Wayne Scott <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/200         200.32  Adrian L. Hosey <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/233 overcl  234.43  S. Curtarolo <[email protected]>
   Pentium Pro/400         397.31  Lamarque Vieira Souza <[email protected]>
*  Pentium Pro/200         399.76  Horst Wente <[email protected]>

   Pentium II/233          232.65  Jan Houtsma <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/233          233.47  Torbjoern Kristoffersen <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/233          233.47  Sorin Mitran <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/118          234.29  Jose Gerardo A Quejada <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          265.42  Jon Trowbridge <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          265.42  A. Hochwimmer <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          265.42  Matt Garman <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          265.42  Robert Woodwort <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          265.44  Nick Ullman <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          266.24  Pieter Eendebak <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          266.24  John Calison <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          267.06  James McKinnon <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          267.06  Greg <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          267.06  Pros Robaer <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/266          272.79  Frank Hale <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/300 overcl   299.01  Martin Lathoud <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/300          299.83  Andy Busch <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/333          332.60  Eric Games <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/350          347.34  NN <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/350          349.80  Rizzoli <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/350          349.80  Jeff Bishop <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/400          396.49  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/400          396.49  Sven Skrivervik <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/400          398.13  Floris Martens <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/420 overcl   416.15  Rafal <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/448 overcl   447.28  Mathieu Bois <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/450          447.28  Mathieu Bois <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/450          447.28  Stuart Nuttall <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/450          447.28  Richard R. Urena <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/450          447.28  Brantley Jones <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/450          447.28  Esmail Bonakdarian <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/466          462.03  Bjorn Lindgren <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/233          466.94  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/504 overcl   502.99  David Hand <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/515          514.46  NN <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/266          532.48  Kenny Gryp <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/272          542.31  Ton <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/300          594.73  Alasdair Earl <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/307          614.40  Nicolas Boiteux <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/333          663.55  John Ferriby <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/350          688.12  Niek <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/350          699.50  Jan <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/350          699.59  Kenny Gryp <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/350          699.60  Teun Warnaar <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/360          719.25  <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/400          792.99  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/400          794.62  Mark Dickie <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/400          794.62  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/400          796.26  S Thibault <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/400 mobile   797.90  Marvin Pierce <[email protected]>
*  Pentium II/450          894.56  Scott <[email protected]>

   Celeron/300             299.83  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
   Celeron/300             299.97  Helmut <[email protected]>
   Celeron/300             307.20  Richard M. Sugg <[email protected]>
   Celeron/333             332.6   Florian <[email protected]>
   Celeron/333             330.96  Douglas E Harmon <[email protected]>
   Celeron/366             367.00  Raul Belisario <[email protected]>
   Celeron/400             398.13  Polaris <[email protected]>
   Celeron/466 overcl      462.03  Tim Moore <[email protected]>
   Celeron/500             498.07  Falk Herwig <[email protected]>
   Celeron/500             499.71  Bruce H <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/300             598.01  R.J. Bergeron <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/400             799.53  Mike <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/433             865.07  Rob Farrel <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/433             868.35  Abhik Sarkar <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/450             897.84  Mike <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/466             927.33  John Pester <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/466             929.07  Dominic.Baines <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/500             996.15  McWilliam <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/500             999.42  Pekka Tiitanen <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/533            1064.96  F. Alfaro <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/566            1127.22  Bacsi Roland <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/600            1192.75  Shaun Ewing <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/633            1264.84  Jan Verner <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/700            1386.08  Roberto Giungato <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/800            1599     Yves Bellefeuille <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/900            1795.68  Hannes Schmiderer <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/950            1900.54  Hans-Willem Geitz <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/1035           2064.38  Marlboro <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/1200           2398.61  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/1300           2601.77  Jan Verner <[email protected]>
*  Celeron M/1300         2572.28  Rudy <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/1700           3381.65  Andy Wiggin <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/1700           3420.97  Darryl Bryant <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/2000           4030.46  Predrag Ivanovic <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/2400           4734.97  C Clemson <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/2400           4771.02  Zoltan Szabo <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/2530           5013.50  Julio Ortiz <[email protected]>
*  Celeron/2600           5177.34  John Workman <[email protected]>

   Pentium III/450         447.28  Windsurfer <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/450         450.56  Rogier Spieker <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/500         496.44  Cesar Bravo <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/400         497.85  Eric McCoy <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/500         498.00  Rajko Wehrhahn <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/500         499.71  Morris Walton <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/550         547.23  Art <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/550         548.86  Chris <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/550         548.86  Evan L. Carew <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/600         598.02  Elaine Wenderholm <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/600         599.65  Donna Williams <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/600         599.65  Steve Cousins <[email protected]_umit.maine.ude>
   Pentium III/733         733.73  Ryan Snodgrass <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/733         734.00  Steve Cousins <[email protected]_umit.maine.ude>
   Pentium III/750         747.11  Yong <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/450         891.28  Bob Bucy <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/450         894.56  Achim Breunig <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/450         894.56  Anthaam Bozer <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/450         897.84  Paul Drees <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/450         901.12  Darrick Wong <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/450         901.12  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/933         930.61  Cipriano Groenendal <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/500         992.87  Q. Uijldert <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/500         996.14  Alasdair Earl <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/500         999.42  Shawn D. MacIntyre <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/500         999.42  Dominic.Baines <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/500         999.75  Darrick Wong <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/500        1002.70  Emanoil Kotsev <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/900        1028.92  Charles Reese <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/533        1061.68  Ian Pilcher <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/550        1064.96  Limin Yu <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/550        1094.45  Benedicto Junior <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/550        1101.00  Chris Budde <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/550        1101.50  Julius Wijaya <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/560        1117.39  Jurriaan <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/600        1192.75  F. Corona <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/600        1192.75  Niek <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/600        1192.76  Taco IJsselmuiden <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/600        1192.76  Alex Jenner <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/600        1199.31  J Uusi-Maahi <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/645        1287.78  Federico Lucifredi <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/645        1287.78  Dimitri <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/666        1327.10  Fred Strauss <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/666        1330.38  Bacsi Roland <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/700        1389.36  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/700        1399.19  Vipul Mathur <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/700        1399.19  Chris Raters <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/700        1399.19  Alasdair Earl <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/700        1399.19  Ivan Leban <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/700        1405.74  Sam Worf <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/700        1441.79  <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/730        1461.45  Timm Murray <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/750        1490.94  Werther Chieric <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800 Vaio   1543.37  Scott Maines <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800        1576.96  S Thibault <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800        1585.97  Darrick Wong <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800        1592.52  Slawomir Axzkowski <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800        1592.52  Simon Horn <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800        1592.52  Marcio Pessoa <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800        1599.08  McWilliam <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/800        1602.36  Lew Pitcher <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/850        1697.38  Ralf Buchwald <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/866        1723.60  Rob Farrell <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/866        1723.60  Elgar Pichler <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/866        1723.60  McWilliam <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/866        1730.15  John Bland <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/866        1740.33  Richard Mittendorfer <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/933        1816.22  Cipriano Groenendal <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/930        1854.66  Tim Meehan <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1000 mob   1970.17  Abjihit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1000       1985.74  John Davis <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1000       1985.74  Mathieu Bois <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1000       1992.29  A Chan <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1000       1992.29  Michael Lush <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1000 mob   1992.29  Ali Soylu <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1000       1992.29  Mate Javor <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1033       2064.38  Antonio Casani <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1066 mob   2115.76  Marc Frei <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1125       2247.88  Jacques Bratieres <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1133       2274.09  Mate Javor <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1200       2798.38  Ronald Bynoe <[email protected]>
*  Pentium III/1266       2523.13  Mauricio A A Polo <[email protected]>

   Pentium 4/1000         1993.55  D. Richards <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1300         2588.67  Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1400         2785.28  Hans Loos <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1400 Mobile  2785.28  Frank Herrmann <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1500         2962.23  Gary Bridgewater <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1500         2981.88  William C. Glaub <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1600         3198.15  Jan Verner <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1615         3224.37  Milo Sandydowns <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1700         3361.91  Rhys Jones <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1700         3381.65  Janossy Laszlo <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1700         3407.87  J. Esquivel <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1800         3578.26  Alasdair Earl <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1800         3578.26  Fred Heitkamp <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1800 mob     3591.37  Ton Machielsen <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/1800         3617.58  James Cowie <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2000         3961.24  Craig McCluskey <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2000         3971.48  Timothy A. Chagnon <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2000         3971.48  F Liu <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2000         3971.48  Steve Nelson <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2000         3978.45  Ciro Bigongiari <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2000         3984.58  Gurkan Sengun <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2000         4023.91  Ralf Buchwald <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2200         4377.80  John Davies <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2400         4793.23  Istvan Mayer <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2400         4836.55  Spufi <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2530         5033.16  Andy Wiggin <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2600         5128.19  Esben Pedersen <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2600         5203.55  Janossy Laszlo <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2667         5321.52  Heiko Steindl <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2800         5439.48  Kenny Gryp <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2800         5521.40  Gerrit Holl <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2800         5596.77  Elie De Brauwer <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/2800         5596.77  Jurek Bartuszek <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/3000         5976.88  Peter Whysall <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/3000         5989.99  Abjihit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/3060         6094.84  Bacsi Roland <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/3060         6121.06  Heiko Steindl <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/3200         6406.14  Carson Reynolds <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/3200         6370.09  Scott <[email protected]>
   Pentium 4/3400         6716.44  Heiko Steindl <[email protected]>

   Xeon/2400              4784.12  Mario Kool <[email protected]>
   Xeon/2400              4797.23  D Lombardo <[email protected]>
   Xeon/2660              5324.80  Shannon Elliott <[email protected]>
   Xeon/3200              6307.84  Fabrizio Magni <[email protected]>
   Xeon/3400              6800.58  Michael Weiner <[email protected]>

   Itanium/733 SGI         730.88  Silvo Bozovicar <[email protected]>
   Itanium2/900 SGI       1342.17  Joe Griffin <[email protected]>
   Itanium2/900           1346.37  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   Itanium2/900           1342.17  Joe Griffin <[email protected]>
   Itanium2/900           1346.37  Brent M. Clements <[email protected]>
   Itanium2/900 HP        1346.37  Joe Griffin <[email protected]>
   Pentium M/1600         3178.49  Martin Michlmayer <[email protected]>
   Pentium M/1700         3358.72  Wim van Dorst <[email protected]>
   Pentium M/2000         3923.96  Elie De Brauwer <[email protected]>

4.9. Pentium variations: Cyrix, AMD (K5/K6/K7, Duron, Athlon, Opteron), Centaur

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   Cyrix 5x86/100          100.16  NN <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/100          100.19  Valient Gough <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/100          100.47  C.Chan <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/120 P150+    119.60  Wynstan Tong <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/120 P150+    119.60  Joel N. Squire <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/120 P150+    119.83  Leland Olds <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/120 P150+    119.83  NN <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/120 P150+    120.68  C.Chan <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 5x86/120 P150+    122.01  Andre Coetzee <[email protected]>

   Cyrix 6x86/100           99.42  Stig M. Valstad <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/110 P133+    109.77  Matthew Flint <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/110 P133+    109.77  John Merriam <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/110 P133+    109.77  Keith Smith <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/110 P133+    111.82  Lew Pitcher <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    119     Jean-Claude Gouiran <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    119.60  Taso Lyristis <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    119.60  Hrvoje Stipetic <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120          119.60  Yakko J. Warner <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    119.60  B. James Philippe <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    119.83  Roger Merchberger <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120          119.83  Daniel Wold <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120          120     John C. Beasley <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    120.01  Jay Thorne <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    120.01  Jeawan Kim <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/120 P150+    120.91  Cymen <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 undercl  132.30  Maurice Janssen <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    132.71  Holger Kemper <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    132.71  Hrvoje Stipetic <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    132.71  Michael Junek <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    132.82  Alex Liffers <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    132.82  Brian C. Theobald <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    132.88  Alvaro Lopes <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    132.88  Craig Andersen <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    133.73  C. Drews <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/133 P166+    133.12  Daniel Gritter <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/150 P200+    149.50  Evan L. Schemm <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/150 P200+    149.50  Steven Rainwater <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/150 P200+    149.50  Mike <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/150 P200+    149.91  Sid Boyce <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/150 P200+    149.91  Eric Haas <[email protected]>
   IBM 6x86/150 P200       149.96  M.D. Guardia <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MX/166 A-Step 16.89   F. Friedman-Romell <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MX/166 A-Step 166.71  David Anderson <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MX/188 P233   186.78  Dominic Baines <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MX/188 P233   187.19  Dominic Baines <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86/225          223.28  Dean Mills <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MII/233 P300  233.47  Russell Marks <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MII/233 P300  233.47  S. Fuller <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MX/300 overcl 280     Terry Porter <[email protected]>
*  Cyrix 6x86 P200+        374.37  Jan Verner <[email protected]>
   Cyrix 6x86MII/250       499.71  Anders Hustvedt <[email protected]>
*  Cyrix 6x86M/266         524.29  Juan Pablo <[email protected]>

   Cyrix MediaGX MMX/233    76.39  Freddy Spierenburg <[email protected]>

   AMD K5/75               149.91  Simon Karpen <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/90               179.40  <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/90               179.40  Ken Edwards <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/90               179.40  Marcin Owsiany <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/90               179.81  Marcin Owsiany <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/90               180.22  Hector DC Gonzalez <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/90               181.00  Drew Golden <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        198.66  Trond Solem <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        199.07  Henri Jamgotchian <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        199.48  Dark Mind <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        199.88  J. Grassel <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        199.88  Berend Reitsma <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        200.29  Tilman Sommer <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        200.32  Carlo Politi <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        199.07  Franco De Angelis <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/100 PR133        199.07  HaJo Simons <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/116 PR166        233.47  Hans-Joachim Baader <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/116 PR166        233.47  Sean Kelly <[email protected]>
   AMD K5/120 PR133 overcl 239.21  Chris Harshman <[email protected]>

   AMD K6-2/150 undercl    299.83  Alex Montaron <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/166              332.60  David Parsons <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/166              331     Bill Petersen <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              398.13  Milton <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              398.85  n.n. <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              398.89  Ian Hanschen <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              398.98  Philip Lijnzaad <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/200            399.76  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              399.77  Murtaza Amiji <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              399.78  Dan Hetzel <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.58  Paco Culebras Amigo <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.59  Sverre H. Huseby <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.59  Steve Conley <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.59  Mark Lehrer <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.59  Chris Esser <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.59  Federico Pellegrin <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.59  Howard Poe <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/200              400.64  Fabrizio Santini <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/208 overcl       416.15  Jani Halme <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/208 overcl       416.15  Donnie Savage <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/208              417.97  J.F. Ursetto <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/225              440     n.n. <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/225 overcl       448.92  Paco Culebras Amigo <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/225 undercl      448.92  Henrik Storner <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/225 overcl       450.56  M. Cramer <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              463.67  Aduanne Carter <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              465.31  Michael Haardt <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.5   R. Garcia <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233 overcl       466.84  Francesco <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233 overcl       466.94  Paco Culebras Amigo <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  Howard Poe <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  Andreas Haumer <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  Damien Castelltort <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  G. Cantallops Ramis <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  Juergen Hammelmann <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  Chris Gushue <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/233              466.94  Maheswara <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/239              478.41  Torbjoern Kristoffersen <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/239              478.41  Mark Neill <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/239              478.41  Louis van Dompselaar <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/266              532.48  Holly Sommer <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/266              534.12  Andreas Czerniak <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            598.02  Pasa Guglielmo <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300 3D overcl  598.02  Jozsef <[email protected]_eunet.yu>
   AMD K6-2/300            599.65  Ivo Plana <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            599.65  Juan Domenech <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            599.65  Scrambo <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            599.65  Ashley Penney <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            599.65  Rob <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            599.65  Stephen Jenuth <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/300            599.65  Mate Javor <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/308            614.40  Erv Walter <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/333            663.55  <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/333            663.55  Sebastian <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/333            665.19  A. Bihlmaier <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/338 overcl     675.02  Nicola Fabiano <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/350            699.60  Juan Domenech <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/350 3D         699.60  Mirko Schur <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/350            699.60  Craig <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/350 3D         699.60  D. Breuer <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/350 3D           699.59  Elie De Brauwer <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-III/360          717.62  <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/366            732.36  Risto A. Paju <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/366            734.00  Alex Montaron <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/366 3D overcl  734.00  Enrico Oreglia <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 3D         796.26  Rodney <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/400 3D           799.53  Daniel Weiskopf <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 overcl     799.54  Ivo Plana <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 overcl     799.54  Alex Montaron <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 3D         799.54  Rajko Wehrhahn <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            799.54  Silvio Nordio <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            799.54  Chris <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 3D         799.54  Hamid Misnan <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 3D         799.54  James Birchfield <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            799.54  Matt Graham <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 3D         799.54  John Pate <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 overcl     801.18  Phillip Deackes <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 overcl     801.18  Jon Riekenberg <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 overcl     801.18  Ryan Bethke <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            801.18  Wolfgang Zekoll <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            801.18  Ignacio Valdes <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            801.18  Ted E. Suter <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            801.18  Warren B. Hapke <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            801.29  Birko Bergt <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400 overcl     801.5   Juan Domenech <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/400            808.7   Bob <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-III/417 overcl   833.95  Chris Priest <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/440            878.18  Steve Bourland <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-III/450          897.84  Craig <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-III/450          897.84  John Pate <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/450 3D           897.84  Igor Chudov <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/450 3D           897.84  Seb Wilwerth <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/450 overcl     901.12  Ted E. Suter <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/450 overcl     901.12  Juan Domenech <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/450            901.12  John Jaeger <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/450            901.12  Piet Ekkebus <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/450            902.30  Birko Bergt <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-III/455 overcl   907.67  Phil Stracchino <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/455 3D overcl  914.23  Graham Reed <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/475 laptop     943.72  Chris Matthews <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/475 overcl     950.27  Willow <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/475            950.27  Craig <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/500 3D           996.14  Matt <[email protected]>
   AMD K6/500 3D           996.14  Jens Reimann <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/500            999.42  Jon Berlin <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/500 3D         999.42  Laurent <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/500            999.42  Robert <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/500            999.42  Craig <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/500            999.42  John Pate <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/500 3D         999.42  infoman <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/504           1005.97  F.A. Lessa <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-III/545         1084.62  John Bailey <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/550 3D        1101.00  Jon Berlin <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2/550           1101.00  James Yang <[email protected]>
   AMD K6-2 550           1101.00  Hugh Wilson <[email protected]>

   AMD Duron/600          1205.86  Chad Daelhousen <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/650          1294.34  Levi Ramsey <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/700          1395.92  N. Fabiano <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/700          1395.92  Dennis van Dok <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/700          1395.92  A. Aksiucik <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/700          1399.19  Stuart Trusty <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/700          1399.19  Krzysztof Nikiel <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/740          1477.83  Corey <[email protected]>
*  AMD Duron/750          1497.49  McWilliam <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/750          1500.77  Anson Ringenoldus <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/800          1595.80  Papp Tamas <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/900          1795.69  Yves Bellefeuille <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/900          1789.13  Ye Myint <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/950          1887.43  Darrick Wong <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/1000         1985.74  Petr Slansky <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/1200         2385.51  Joey <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/1200         2398.61  Petr Slansky <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/1300         2595.22  Martin Wojtczyk <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/1600         3191.60  Marcin Gondek <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/1700         3394.76  Fabian Jansen <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/2000         4005.88  Miso Fecko <[email protected]>

   AMD K7/500              498.07  Ludwig <[email protected]>
   AMD K7/550              548.86  Kieffer <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon/600          598.02  C. Heiming <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon/600          598.02  Ted Michael <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon/600          602.93  Chris Wren <[email protected]>
   AMD K7/655              652.08  Mark Steele <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon/750          747.11  A Galinovic <[email protected]>
   AMD K7/750              748.75  Manuel Moran Vaquero <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon/755          752.03  Mark Steele <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/500          996.51  Taco IJsselmuiden <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/550         1094.45  Jan Willem <[email protected]>
*  AMD K7/700             1196.03  N. Dimpfl <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/600         1198.04  Carsten <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/600         1205.86  Stefan Schroepfer <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/630         1258.29  Nanagiotis Papadakos <[email protected]>
*  AMD K7/650             1294.34  Robbe Bihlmeyer <[email protected]>
*  AMD K7/650             1294.33  Mitch Keller <[email protected]>
*  AMD K7/650             1297.61  Travis Brown <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/700         1387.51  Bradley Lawrence <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/700         1395.92  Joop Stakenborg <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/700         1395.92  Martin Kamin <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/700         1405.74  ofrm <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/700         1412.30  Ulf Bartelt <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/750         1494.22  A Galinovic <[email protected]>
*  AMD K7/750             1500.30  W Canaday <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/750         1510.60  Ilya Sterin <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/800         1595.80  M Greil <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon/800         1595.80  Donald R. Laster <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/800         1599.08  ne <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/800         1599.08  James NJ <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/800         1605.63  Robert A. Morris <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/800         1608.91  M Greil <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/850         1710.48  Ricardo N. Sanchez <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/900         1795.69  <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/900         1795.69  Yves Bellefeuille <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/900         1808.79  J Hart <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        1992.29  Wayne Stallwood <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        1992.29  David Haerdeman <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        1992.29  NN <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        1992.29  Thomas Koester <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        1992.29  Robert E. Blair <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        1998.85  Pete Ritter <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        2011.96  RJ Bergeron <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1000        1992.92  Martin Brewer <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1050        2090.59  Peter Pilsl <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1100        2182.35  Stuart Trusty <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1100        2195.45  Ashar Voultoiz <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1150        2287.20  Greg Baumgartel <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1150        2293.76  Greg Baumgartel <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1200        2392.06  Thomas Koester <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1200        2392.96  Andy Wiggin <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1200        2398.61  Dominic.Baines <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1200        2411.72  Pepijn Kenter <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1300        2588.67  Stuart Trusty <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1300        2614.88  mace <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1330        2647.65  Gergo Barany <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1300        2647.65  Dominic.Baines <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1330        2660.76  Thomas Koester <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1330        2660.76  Bill Rhodes <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1330        2667.31  Christian Leder <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1400        2785.28  M. Greil <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1400        2798.38  R.J. Bergeron <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1400        2791.83  Thomas Koester <[email protected]>
*  AMD Athlon/1400        2805.78  Christian Leder <[email protected]>

   AMD Athlon XP/1200     2411.72  Y S Kang <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon MP/1500     2922.90  Bob Harvey <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon MP/1500     2929.45  Bob Harvey <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1500     2981.88  Donald R. Laster <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1525     3040.87  Gregg Wonderly <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1533     3047.42  Tommy Tonteri <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1533     3080.19  Martin Kunz <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1600     3191.60  Dag Viggo Lokře <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1600     3191.60  Robert Munro <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1600     3198.15  Fredrik Brokvist <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1600     3217.81  David Brunke <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1666     3301.37  Didier Deshomme <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1650     3303.01  Todd <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1666     3322.67  T Hiekkalinna <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1666     3322.67  Eric le Cam <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1675     3342.33  Artego <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1675     3342.33  Keith Gyarmati <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1740     3473.40  Dominic.Baines <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1800     3525.83  Donald R. Laster <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon 64/1800     3555.32  Elie de Brauwer <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon 64/1800     3619.06  Juergen Adolph <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1800     3643.72  Fredrik Starbringe <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1800     3643.80  Mike Bosschaert <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1800     3643.80  Robert Urban <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/1840     3651.46  Yves Bellefeuille <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon 64/2000     3923.96  Sander Rijken <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/2000     3973.12  Francisco Romo <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon 64/2000     3984.58  Jamie Campbell <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon MP/2000     3984.58  Donald R. Laster <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon MP/2000     3997.69  Andreas Pflug <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/2100     4128.76  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/2100     4168.08  Gerrit Holl <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/2100     4168.08  Ingo Reimann <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/2100     4141.87  Bill Rhodes <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon XP/2175     4325.37  Herbert Wengatz <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon 64/2200     4325.37  Wayne Stallwood <[email protected]>
   AMD Athlon 64/2255     4456.44  Mark <[email protected]>

   AMD Opteron/1400       2785.28  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   AMD Opteron/1400       2804.94  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   AMD Opteron/1800       3530.75  Julio Ortiz <[email protected]>
   AMD Opteron/1800       3588.09  Julio Ortiz <[email protected]>

   AMD SC1100/266          530.84  Jan Ceuleers <[email protected]>
   AMD Sempron/1500       3001.54  Donald R. Laster <[email protected]>
   AMD Sempron/1660       3293.18  Francisco Romo <[email protected]>
   AMD Sempron/1800       3571.71  Chad Jakob <[email protected]>

   Centaur C6/200           79.46  James Rotenberry <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6-2/233        154.83  Joe Noble <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6-2/200        397.31  James Yang <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6/200          397.31  McWilliam <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6-2/200        398.13  Paolo Cravero <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6-2/240        478.41  Petr Slansky <[email protected]>

   Centaur VIA Sam2/533   1046.52  Toon v/d Pas <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA Sam2/600   1196.03  Brent W. York <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA III/700    1399.19  Rudy Ketterer <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA Sam2/735   1461.45  Jim Jozwiak <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA Sam2/735   1468.00  Francisco Romo <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA Exra/900   1789.13  Duke Robillard <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA Ezra/930   1861.22  Marc van Lieshout <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA Neh/1000   1985.74  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA Neh/1000   1985.74  Felix Dierich <[email protected]>
   Centaur VIA C5P/1200   2383.87  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>

4.10. Alpha systems

   System             BogoMips  Reporter
   21064/150 Jensen        146.80  Jon Davidsson <[email protected]>
   21064/150 Jensen        147.85  Stefano <[email protected]>
   21064/150 Jensen        148.37  Linus Torvalds <[email protected]>
   21064/150 Jensen        149.49  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   21064/150 Jensen        148.89  Martin Osterman <[email protected]>

   21064A/233 AS225 Avanti 228.58  Roberto Giungato <[email protected]>
   21064A/233 Avanti       230.16  Rich Griswold <[email protected]>
   21064A/275 Cabriolet    271.58  Michal Jaegermann <[email protected]>
   21064A/275 Cabriolet    272     Linus Torvalds <[email protected]>
   21064A/275              272     Stephen Gaudet <[email protected]>
   21064A/275 Cabriolet    272.63  Jay Estabrook <[email protected]>
   21064A/275 Cabriolet    273.37  David Mosberger-Tang <[email protected]>
   21064A/275              274.11  Kevin Jacobs <[email protected]>
   21064A/300 Cabriolet    298     Jay Estabrook <[email protected]>
   21064A/300              298     Stephen Gaudet <[email protected]>

   21066/166 Noname        162.52  Paavo Hartikain <[email protected]>
   21066/166               162.53  Phil Bostley <[email protected]>
   21066/166               163.05  Matthew Jacob <[email protected]>
   21066/166               163.05  Jon Spreha <[email protected]>
   21066/166               164.59  David Mosberger-Tang <[email protected]>
   21066/166 Multia        164.63  Rudolf Gabler <[email protected]>
   21066/166               165     Gareth Bult <[email protected]>
   21066/166               165.04  Craig Ruff <[email protected]>
   21066/200               196.9   Danny ter Haar <[email protected]>
   21066/200 UDB overcl    198     Kari Davidsson <[email protected]>

   21066A/233 UDB          229.63  Toon van der Pas <[email protected]>
   21066A/233 AS400        230.16  Ophir Ronen <[email protected]>
   21066A/233 AS200 Avanti 230.16  B. James Phillippe <[email protected]>
   21066A/233 NoName       230.67  T. Bogendoerfer <[email protected]>
   21066A/233 UDB          230.68  Ted Schipper <[email protected]>
   21066A/233 NoName       230.76  Mikael Nykvist <[email protected]>
   21066A/233 UDB          231.21  Eric Smith <[email protected]>
   21066A/233 NoName       231.21  Jay Estabrook <[email protected]>
   21066A/266 NoName 261.62  Andreas Johansson <[email protected]>
   21066A/266 UDB overcl   261.62  Michael Brennen <[email protected]>
   21066A/266 NoName 262.14  Wim van Dorst <[email protected]>
   21066A/266 Multia       264     Joshua Grubman <[email protected]>
   21066A/284 NoName 281.0   <[email protected]>
   21066A/297 NoName 293.6   <[email protected]>
   21066A/300 UDB    294.65  Topi Kanerva <[email protected]>

   21164/266 EB164         265.29  Jay Estabrook <[email protected]>
   21164/300 EB164         297.79  Hilarius <[email protected]>
   21164/300 XLT Alcor     297.79  Dave Wreski <[email protected]>
   21164/300 AS1000        297.79  Salvador Pinto Abreu <[email protected]>
   21164/333 Alcor         331.35  Linus Torvalds <[email protected]>
   21164/333 Alcor         331.35  David Mosberger-Tang <[email protected]>
   21164/366 XLT Alcor     362.80  Paul Slootman <[email protected]>
   21164/366 PC164 Durango 363.85  Geerten Kuiper <[email protected]>
   21164/400 Noritake      397.41  Alan Fay <[email protected]>
   21164/433 PC164         429.89  Paul D. Robertson <[email protected]>
   21164/433 PC164         429.91  Bernd Meyer <[email protected]>
   21164/433 Maita         429.91  Bill Broadley <[email protected]>
   21164/433 PC164         430.96  <[email protected]>
   21164/433 EB164         430.96  <[email protected]>
   21164/433 PC164         430.96  H. Sumargo <[email protected]>
   21164/433 PC164         431.94  Timm Gleason <[email protected]>
   21164/466 PC164         464.51  Daryll Strauss <[email protected]>
   21164/500               497     Alex Butcher <[email protected]>
   21164/500 PC164         497.02  C.J. Grayce <[email protected]>
   21164/500               497.05  Heiner Kruener <[email protected]>
   21164/250 Sable         497.02  Tom Greene <[email protected]>
   21164/500               497.02  James D. Freels <[email protected]>
   21164/500 AS500         497.03  Jim Nance <[email protected]>
   21164/500 P7            497.03  Jan guldentops <[email protected]>
   21164/500 EB164 Durango 497.43  Kevin Jacobs <[email protected]>

   21164A/500  PWS         494.88  Kenny Gryp <[email protected]>
   21164A/500  PWS         497.02  Robert Harley <[email protected]>
   21164A/500  PC164       497.02  Stephen Oberski <[email protected]>
   21164A/533  PC164LX     528.12  McWilliam <[email protected]>
   21164A/533  PC164LX     529.53  Dumb Kid <[email protected]>
   21164A/533  PC164LX     529.53  Harvey J. Stein <[email protected]>
   21164PC/533 PC164SX     529.53  Danny ter Haar <[email protected]>
   21164PC/533 PC164SX     529.53  Shane Sturrock <[email protected]>
   21164PC/533 PC164SX     529.53  Wim van Dorst <[email protected]>
   21164A/533  Ruffian     530.57  Andreas Czerniak <[email protected]>
   21164A/533  PC164LX     530.57  Ronny Ranerup <[email protected]>
   21164A/533  PC164LX     530.57  Bill Broadley <[email protected]>
   21164A/533  PC164LX     530.58  Stef. Boresch <[email protected]>
   21164A/600  PC164LX     595.59  L.F. Donaldson <[email protected]>
   21164A/600  PC164LX     595.59  <[email protected]>
   21164A/600  PC164       597.60  Fabrizio Santini <[email protected]>
   21164A/666  PC164LX     662.70  <[email protected]>
   21164A/666  PC164LX     662.70  Stephen S <[email protected]>
*  21164A/433  Miata       858.04  Jukka <[email protected]>

   21264/400 Pass-1        794.82  Jay Estabrook <[email protected]>
   21264/466 DS10          920.64  Paul Novarese <[email protected]>
   21264/466 DS10          921.84  ST Wong <[email protected]>
   21264/500 XP1000        996.00  Wes Bauske <[email protected]>
   21264/500               996.00  Karl <[email protected]>
   21264/500               996.14  Lionel Tricon <[email protected]>
   21264/500 DS20          996.14  Paul Novarese <[email protected]>
   21264/500 DS20          996.15  Wayne Hall <[email protected]>
   21264/500 XP1000        996.40  P. Caulfield <[email protected]>
   21264/600              1203.76  Darrick Wong <[email protected]>
   21264/667 XP1000       1329.59  Lionel Tricon <[email protected]>
   21264DP/666 Tsunami    1329.59  Jens Hoefkens <[email protected]>
   21264/730 Wildfire     1488.97  Lionel Tricon <[email protected]>
   21264DP/833 Tsunami    1661.52  Andy Schofield <[email protected]>

4.11. Motorola systems

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   68030/14.7 LCII nofpu     3.69  Ruda Moura <[email protected]>
   68030/16 Atari Falcon     3.90  Jay T. Millar <[email protected]>
   68030/15 Mac SE30         3.80  Alex Teclo <[email protected]>
   68030/16 Atari Falcon     3.90  Bruno Aubin <[email protected]>
   68030/16 Atari Falcon     3.95  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   68030/16 Atari Falcon     3.98  <[email protected]>
   68EC030/20 Cisco 2500     4.33  <[email protected]>
   68030/20 MacII Si         4.88  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   68030/20 0c               4.92  Chris Nadigh <[email protected]>
   68030    Amiga 3000       6.08  Andy Wick <[email protected]>
   68030/30 Amiga 4000       6.09  Karsten Merker <[email protected]>
   68030/25 Amiga 3000       6.12  Glen Hewlett <[email protected]>
   68030/25 Amiga 3000       6.21  Hamish Macdonald <[email protected]>
   68030/25 Amiga 3000       6.21  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   68030/32 Atari Falcon     7.91  Franz Korntner <[email protected]>
   68030    Atari TT         7.96  <[email protected]>
   68030/32 Atari MegaST     7.98  E.J. van den Bussche <[email protected]>
   68030/33 Atari TT         7.98  <[email protected]>
   68030    Atari TT         7.98  Wayne Booth <[email protected]>
   68030/60                  8.06  Korey Budgen <[email protected]>
   68030/33 Amiga 2000       8.14  W. Haidinger <[email protected]>
   68EC030/40 Cisco 4000     8.75  <[email protected]>
   68030/40 MacIIfx          9.90  Ray Knight <[email protected]>
   68030/48 32c             11.89  Martin Rogge <[email protected]>
   68030/50 Atari           12     <[email protected]>
   68030/50 Amiga 1200      12.36  Chris Sumner <[email protected]>
   68030/50 Amiga 1200      12.4   Richard Jerome <[email protected]>
   68030/50 32c             12.42  Michael Plonus <[email protected]>
   68030/50 Amiga 1200      12.33  Detrix <[email protected]>
   68030/50 Amiga 1200      12.36  E.J.M. Brocklesby <[email protected]>

   68040 Mac Centris        13.21  <[email protected]>
   68040/24 Mac LC475       16.38  Ray Knight <[email protected]>
   68040/24 Amiga 4000      16.59  Bjarne Wichmann Petersen <[email protected]>
   68040/24 Amiga 4000-40   16.6   Hamish Macdonald <[email protected]>
   68040/24 Amiga 4000-20   16.60  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   68040/25 Amiga 4000-040  16.61  <[email protected]>
   68040/25 Amiga 4000      16.61  Lawrence <[email protected]>
   68040/60 Amiga 4000-40   18.99  Darren Enns <[email protected]>
   68040/28 Mac Quadra650   18.99  Warren James <[email protected]>
   68040/32 Medusa T40      21.25  <[email protected]>
   68040    Amiga 2000      21.86  Ron Flory <[email protected]>
   68040    Mac Quadra650   22     Henry Garcia <[email protected]>
   68040/33 Mac Quadra950   22.11  Ray Knight <[email protected]>
   68040/33 Mac Quadra650   22.11  Schmitz <[email protected]>
   68040    Mac Quadra650   22.17  Ingvar Hagelund <[email protected]>
   68040/40 Amiga 1200      26.52  Gavin Kinsey <[email protected]>

   68060/50 Amiga 2000      98.68  Frank Mainz <[email protected]>
   68060/50 Amiga 1200      99.53  baba <[email protected]>
   68060/50 Amiga 4000      99.74  Stefan Tauche <[email protected]>
   68060/50 Amiga 4000     100.16  Jan Johansson <[email protected]>
   68060/66 Amiga CS MkII  132.71  Paul Hill <[email protected]>

   C8241/266               173.26  Bill Rhodes <[email protected]>
   C8260/132               287.85  Wil Moloughney <[email protected]>

4.12. Sparc systems

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   Sparc sun4c              17.94  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   Sparc SLC/20 S1          19.86  Simon Karpen <[email protected]>
   Sparc sun4c/25           24.88  Paolo <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS10 sun4m         35.94  Michael Junek <[email protected]>
   Sparc IPX 4c             39.83  Paul D. Robertson <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS10 super50 4m    39.93  Juan Cespedes <[email protected]>
   Sparc microS/50 SS-LX    49.76  Will Shaw <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS20/50            49.86  Gary A. Donahue <[email protected]>
   Sparc hyperS Classic 4m  49.86  Juan Cespedes <[email protected]>
   Sparc Voyager portable   59.80  Edward Austin <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS5 Netra          68     Craig Falconer <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS5                69.84  Richard D. Davis <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS50               74.95  Kaz <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS5/85 sun4m       84.78  Kenny Gryp <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS10 hyperS        99.73  Thomas B. Fox <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS5/66            109.77  Lance S. Nehring <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS4/110           109.77  Chris Sylvain <[email protected]>
   Sparc hSparc sum4m      124.92  Georg Schwarz <[email protected]>
   Sparc hSparc/150 Sun4m  150.32  Tethys <[email protected]>

   Sparc Ultra I/143       278.00  Helmut <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra I sun4u     284.05  Iban Cardona <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra I/143       285.08  Jason Hong <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra I sun4u     333.41  Roberto Giungato <[email protected]>

   Sparc Ultra II/270      539.03  Pieter Krul <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra II/300      598.01  Silvo Bozovicar <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra II/360      719.25  Cap'n Hector <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra IIi/360     719.25  Jean Escoto <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra II/360      719.26  Bjorn Augustsson <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra IIi         878.18  Mark Cooper <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra II/450      897.84  Darrick Wong <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra IIe        1002.70  Elie De Brauwer <[email protected]>

4.13. PowerPC systems

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   PowerPC 601    Mac       33.28  David Wetzel <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/60 Mac6100   45.24  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/66 Mac       51.62  Fred Klein <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/60 Mac6100   59.38  Kent Radek <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/66 Mac7100   65.74  Kenny Gryp <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/75 Mac7200   73.93  Dimitris Tsifakis <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/90 Mac7200   89.00  Heinrich H. Beck <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/90 Mac7200   89.50  Ian <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/100 Mac7500  98.91  Russ Hoffman <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/110 Mac8100 108     Charles Eicher <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 601/120 Mac8200 119.19  Roberto Waha <[email protected]>

   PowerPC 603/200          11.39  Jan Toonen <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 603/300 SM5000   57.00  Brian J. Landsberger <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 603/100          66.56  A. Costa <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 603/200 PSII    133.12  Richard Heurtley <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 603ev/250       166.29  Stig Sřrensen <[email protected]>

   PowerPC 604/100 PPS6050  99.74  Evaldas Darcianovas <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/100         199     Hamish Marson <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/100 PPS7248 199.48  Evaldas Darcianovas <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/120 Mac8500 239.20  Jason Colflesh <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/120 Mac8500 239.20  James <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604     Mac8500 239.21  Steve <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/120 Mac8500 239.21  Jason Colflesh <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/132 Mac9500 263.78  Matt Templeton <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/132 Mac7500 263.78  Patrick Murmann <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/133 MOT PS  266.24  Christoper Harrel <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/150 Mac9500 297.73  Jean-Philippe Lord <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/300        299     Guido Lehwalder <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/195        359.63  Mike Potts <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/195        399.76  Griff Miller <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/200 Mac8600 320     Julien Sebot <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/170 PM7300 335.55  Marco van de Voort <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604/180 SM900   367.82  J.E. Cook <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/375 RS6000 373.56  Darrick Wong <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/199        398.13  Greg <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/200 SM4000 399.12  Roland Kuhn <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 604e/200        399.76  Alan Galloway <[email protected]>

   PowerPC 750/166         398.13  Greg <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750             465.30  Scot Richardson <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750             465.31  Neal P Murphy <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/266 Mac     532.48  Fritz Anderson <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/267 Mac G3  534.61  Hans-Willem Geitz <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/195 Mac G3  583.27  <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/292 Mac     586.38  John McAulay <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/300 iBook   589     M. van Steensel <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/333 iMac    665.19  Koyot <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G4 350 Mac 400  697.96  Guillame Blain <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G3/350          697.96  Juergen Fricke <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/366 G3      732.36  Mike Hopkins <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G4 Mac8500      796.26  Alain Birtz <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/400 Mac     796.26  William F. Adams <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/400 iMac DV 797.90  Daniel Koerner <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G4              797.90  P. Radermecker <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/400 G3      801.18  Richard Petty <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/400 G3      801.18  Brian Kendig <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750/400 G3      801.67  Schmitz <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G4/500          992.87  K. Gustilo <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G4/500          996.64  Heinz Nabielek <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G4/500          999.42  Stephen D. Scotti <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G3/600         1170.31  McWilliam <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750cx/600 iMac 1198.00  Jan-Jaap Boor <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750fx/700 G3   1389.36  Gurkan Sengun <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750fx/700 G3   1389.36  Keller <[email protected]>
   PowerPC 750fx/900      1785.85  Pascal Bourguignon <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G4/999         1992.29  Paula <[email protected]>

4.14. Other CPU systems: Mips, Intel 8088/286 ELKS, IBM, Transmeta Crusoe, PA-RISC, Hitachi SH, Arm and StrongArm, iDragon, Vax, CRIS Etrax, XScale, Rise

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   Mips R3000A/20           19.79  Kagstrom <[email protected]>
   Mips R3000/33 Dec        32.82  Martin Michlmayr <[email protected]>
   Mips R4000/100           48.30  J.L. Brothers <[email protected]>
   Mips R4000SC/100 Indy    49.86  Martin Michlmayr <[email protected]>
   Mips R4000/100 Magnum    50.03  Andreas Busse <[email protected]>
   Mips R4400/134 Acer Pica 67.10  Andreas Busse <[email protected]>
   Mips R4400/134 Acer Pica 67.10  Ralf Baechle <[email protected]>
   Mips R4400SC/250 I2     124.92  Martin Michlmayr <[email protected]>
   Mips R4600/133 Tyne     133.12  Ralf Baechle <[email protected]>
   Mips R4600/133 RM200    133.08  Ralf Baechle <[email protected]>
   Mips R5000/150 Indy     154.83  Ralf Baechle <[email protected]>
   Mips R5000/180 Indy     179.81  Bradley Bell <[email protected]>
   Mips R5000/250 RAQ2     249.85  Martin Michlmayr <[email protected]>
   Mips R5900 PS2          392.39  Otto Slooten <[email protected]>
   Mips R5900 PS2          392.40  Anders Hustvedt <[email protected]>

   ELKS Intel 8088/4.77      0.02  Tim Van der Linden <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 8088/10        0.05  Tim Van der Linden <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 8086           0.5   Kin Lau <[email protected]>
   ELKS NEC V20/8            0.69  McWilliam <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 286 Tandy      0.75  Joey Hess <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 8086 NecV20/16 0.88  Vasilis Ventirozos <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 286            0.99  Anders Stenback <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 286/8 VAXMate  1.03  Andrew Costa <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 286/10 Comm.   1.30  Hans-Joachim Baader <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 286 PS2        2.32  Morillas C.H. Antonio <[email protected]>
   ELKS Intel 286 PS2        2.34  Joey Hess <[email protected]>

   IBM S390 Gen4            75.16  J Scott <[email protected]>
   IBM S390 R46/500        412.05  Odilon Cirillo <[email protected]>

   Crusoe/400              725.81  Bill Rhodes <[email protected]>
   Crusoe                 1182.92  Michael Heiming <[email protected]>
   Crusoe TM5600/660      1317.27  Mark Cooper <[email protected]>
   Crusoe TM5800/1000     1985.74  Mathieu Bois <[email protected]>

   StrongARM-1110/206      137.21  Jon Ward <[email protected]>
   StrongARM-1110/206      137.21  Sander Fransen <[email protected]>
   StrongARM-1110/206      137.21  Jan walter <[email protected]>
   StrongARM-1110/206      137.21  W Stallwood <[email protected]>

   PA-Risc Gecko/60         59.80  Arthur Aldridge <[email protected]>
   PA-Risc 7100LC/100       99.73  Stuart Brady <[email protected]>
   PA-Risc 9000/160        319.48  Frank Ickstadt <[email protected]>
   PA-Risc 7300LC/160      106.49  Peter Whysall <[email protected]>
   PA-Risc 8200/200        396.28  Jeroen van Ingen <[email protected]>
   PA-Risc 8500/400        796.67  Stuart Brady <[email protected]>
   PA-Risc 8500/440        880.00  David Atkins <[email protected]>

   TI ARM/144 Treo600        4.50  Wim van Dorst <[email protected]>
   Vax 3100-m38              5.41  Blaz Antonic <[email protected]>
   Atmel ARM                13.00  Stanley <[email protected]>
   CL7110/18 ARM710         17.05  McWilliam <[email protected]>
   NEC ARM MC218/37         18.32  Mikko Ristila <[email protected]>
   CRIS Etrax Webcam        99.73  Pat Niemeyer <[email protected]>
   Hitachi SH-4/200        199.47  Da Wrecka <[email protected]>
   Intel XScale Sharp      397.31  John Davies <[email protected]>
   iDragon/200             399.76  Princo <[email protected]>
   Rise mp6/200            399.76  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
   Intel ARM XScale/416    408.00  Ishikawa Sachihiro <[email protected]>

4.15. Dual-CPU systems (SMP2, hyperthreading, Dual core)

   System                BogoMips  Reporter
   Dual Pentium/75          59.50  Michael Engel <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/90          71.68  Edwin Whitelaw <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/90          71.98  Daniel Luhde-Thompson <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/90          72.08  Alan Cox <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/100         79.46  Lam Dang <[email protected]>
   Dual Sparc 630MP         79.66  Daniel Aubry <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/100         80.08  Christian Tan <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/100         80.08  McNalley <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/120         95.85  Maurice de Bijl <[email protected]>
   Dual Sparc SS/50-40      90.11  Benjamin Appee <[email protected]>
   Dual Sparc SS/50         99.84  Dimitris Tsifakis <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/133        106.09  Maurice de Bijl <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/166        133.53  <[email protected]>
   Dual Sparc SM71/75      149.70  C Redmon <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/200        158.72  Ed Hoppitt <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium/200        158.92  Zeus <[email protected]>
   Dual Sparc RossHS/150   209.71  Nico Will <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/150    299.00  Steven Gallo <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/150    299.01  Eric van Dijken <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/166    331.78  Eric van Dijken <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/180    358.81  Eric van Dijken <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/180    358.81  Frankie East <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/180    358.81  James K. Wiggs <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    396.25  Will Shaw <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    397.32  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.13  David Konerding <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.13  B Heinen <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.13  Ramon Huerta <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.14  C.-A. Possamai <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.14  Leland <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.14  John Lellis <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.14  Jim Gifford <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.14  Manuel Galan <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.6   Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.95  Fons Rademakers <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    398.98  Greg Fausak <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/200    400.18  Attila Karpati <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/233    464.49  F. Baitinger <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/233     466.94  Eli Kane <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/266     530.84  Shon Martin <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/266     534.12  n.n. <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/266     534.12  Emmanuel Tychon <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/266     531.66  Stefaan A. Eeckels <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/274     546.41  Richard Jellinek <[email protected]>
   Dual 21064A/275 AS2000  556.53  Jochen Gatternig <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/300     597.20  Paul Sheer <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/300     598.02  Hans Ameel <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/300     599.66  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/300     599.76  S. Curtarolo <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/333 ov  665.73  S. Curtarolo <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/333     665.20  D.A. Sergatskov <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/350     697.14  Riley <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/350     700.42  David Overeem <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/350     700.42  Mathijs <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/350     700.42  Joe Gray <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium Pro/200    792.48  Eric P. McCoy <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium Pro/200    792.98  David Ewan Kahana <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium Pro/200    793.80  Eric P. McCoy <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium Pro/200    794.42  Dondo <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium MMX/200    794.62  Kristian Koehntopp <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium MMX/200    796.26  Eric Clark <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/400     796.26  Michael Necaise <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/400        796.26  Stuart Hall <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/400        798.21  Stefan Onderka <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/400     797.08  Mogens Kjaer <[email protected]>
   Dual PowerPW 604e/200   797.90  Tom <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/400     800.20  Simon van Sleuwen <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/400     800.36  <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/400     800.36  Marcel Lanz <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/400     800.36  Frank <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/400     800.47  Jung Pyo Hong <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/448 ov  894.57  Rob Leach <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/450        894.57  Stephan Eisler <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/450    899.48  Ramses Smeyers <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/450    899.48  Roland Exler <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/450     901.12  Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium II/466     925.70  A. Giachino <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium MMX/233    927.33  Jeff White <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/500    996.14  Ola Samuelson <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/500    996.15  Rob Green <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/500        999.42  Ingimar Rovertsson <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/500        999.42  Rob Farrell <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/500    999.42  Douglas Osborn <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/500    999.42  Greg M. Hebel <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/515 overc 1028.92  Ryan Werber <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium II/266    1066.59  Jacques Rodary <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/550 overc 1101.00  Olof Zachrisson <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/550 overc 1101.00  John Katagawa <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/550 overc 1101.00  Mattias Moberg <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/550 overc 1101.00  Kieffer <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/550 overc 1101.00  C. Shenefiel <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/550   1101.00  Jean-David Beyer <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/560   1117.39  Nathan Laredo <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/563 overc 1120.00  Cecchinel Stephan <[email protected]>
   Dual Sparc USII/296    1182.92  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/606 overc 1207.50  Mattias Moberg <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/650   1300.88  Dan Kegel <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium II/400    1587.60  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   Dual Itanium/800       1593.82  Cipriano Groenendal <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium II/450    1789.13  Steve Snyder <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/450   1789.13  J Snowdon <[email protected]>
   Dual PowerPC 7400/450  1789.63  Jake Goulding <[email protected]>
*  Dual Celeron/466       1857.94  Dominic.Baines <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/500   1988.60  Francisco Romo Alfaro <[email protected]>
*  Dual Celeron/500       1998.84  Rob Farrell <[email protected]>
   Dual Celeron/533       2117.63  Reine Johansson <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium III/1100  2194.23  Jean-David Beyer <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/550   2202.00  <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/560   2238.05  David Yeung <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/600   2401.89  Shawn Hicks <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/600   2401.89  John Wiggins <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/750   2992.90  George Hauser <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/750   3001.55  Jesse Tie Ten Quee <[email protected]>
   Dual Pentium Pro/800   3181.77  NN <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/800   3188.32  Daniel Path <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/800   3188.33  Steve Bradtke <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/800   3201.43  Paul Skinner <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/810   3234.20  Pietro Abate <[email protected]>
   Dual EV67/833 UP2000   3324.17  Rob Harley <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/850   3407.86  Michael Cohen <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/866   3466.85  Tommy Johansen <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/933   3742.10  Justin Baugh <[email protected]>
   Dual PowerPC G4/1400   2831.15  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1000  3984.58  Kenny Gryp <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1000  3991.14  Guy Tel-Zur <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1000  4004.25  Birko Bergt <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1000  4010.80  Andy Vlassov <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1133  4508.86  Umaid Rajpurohit <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1133  4508.87  S Bozovicar <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1133  4521.98  Ralf Buchwald <[email protected]>
*  Dual Pentium III/1266  5052.81  Sandy Harris <[email protected]>
*  Dual Athlon/1400       5590.21  Dominic.Baines <[email protected]>
*  Dual Athlon/1400       5590.22  Paul Skinner <[email protected]>
*  Dual Athlon/1400       5590.22  Matthew Anderson <[email protected]>
*  Dual Athlon/1400       5590.22  Pierre Vignéras <[email protected]>
   Dual Opteron/1600      6340.60  Thomas Whaples <[email protected]>
*  Dual Athlon/1600       6442.18  Rick H. Wesson <[email protected]>
   Dual Opteron/2000      7921.66  Tero Hiekkalinna <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/2000         7956.06  Dave Gilligan <[email protected]>
   Dual Opteron/2200 ht   8808.02  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
   Dual Athlon 64/2200 ht 8817.46  Tim Kirk <[email protected]>
   Dual Athlon 64/2200 ht 8822.12  Vinu Moses <[email protected]>
   Dual Athlon 64/2200 ht 8850.66  Janis Danisevski <[email protected]>
   Dual Opteron/2400      9486.32  Francisco Romo <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/2800        11154.22  Paolo Cravero <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/3060        12202.80  Bill Maloy <[email protected]>
   Dual P4/3200 ht       12730.36  James <[email protected]>
   Dual P4/3200 ht       12805.83  NN <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/3400        13500.41  Robert Atwood <[email protected]>
   Dual P4/3400 ht       13533.18  Jurek Bartuszek <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/3600        14319.61  Hai Zaar <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/2000 ht     15925.22  Dave Gilligan <[email protected]>
   Dual Opteron/2200 ht  17481.72  Francisco Romo <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/2400 ht     19031.64  Vasilis Ventirozos <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/2660 ht     21338.52  Dave Whiteside <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/2700 ht     21495.80  Francisco Romo <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/2800 ht     22282.24  John Davies <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/3000 ht     23907.52  Paul Skinner <[email protected]>
   Dual Xeon/3060 ht     24379.39  Brian Wheeler <[email protected]>

4.16. Multi-CPU systems (SMP4, Beowulf, others)

   SMP4 Sparc SM100/40     159.64  C Redmon <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Pentium Pro/133    532.07  Erik Walthinsen <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Pentium Pro/200    794.62  Kenneth Hedlund <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Pentium Pro/200    796.28  John Pelan <[email protected]>
*  SMP4 Pentium/133       1064.14  Arthur Aldridge <[email protected]>
*  SMP4 Pentium/200       1598.25  Arthur Aldridge <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Pentium III/450   1794.00  Glenn Stone <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Pentium III/550   2195.46  Yan P Yuan <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Alpha EV5/300     2393.60  Daniel Aubry <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Itanium/800       3189.20  Bacsi Roland <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Itanium/995       5955.88  Holger Staab <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Xeon/1500        11979.96  T Hiekkalinna <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Opteron/2200     17498.11  Fabrizio Magni <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Xeon/2400        19136.38  David Hubbard <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Xeon/2660        21286.09  Troll <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Xeon/2800        22321.54  Paolo Cravero <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Xeon/3600        28688.38  Kristoph Kubicki <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Xeon/3000 ht     47801.93  Francisco Romo <[email protected]>
   SMP4 Xeon/3000 ht     47919.92  James <[email protected]>

   SMP8 Pentium III/500   3996.06  Richard Langis <[email protected]>
   SMP6 SunUltraII/336    4030.46  Daniel James <[email protected]>
   SMP14 SparcII          6927.16  Vassili Tchersky <[email protected]>
   SMP31 EV67/731 Wildf. 46170.90  Peter Rival <[email protected]>
   SMP32 IBM Power5/1656 26368.00  Christian Lederer <[email protected]>
   SMP8 Xeon/1600        51052.50  Michael Heiming <[email protected]>
   Myrinet144 PII/400    57684.96  <[email protected]>
   SMP8 Xeon/3000 ht     95839.84  James <[email protected]>
   Beowulf102 PIII/1000 203862.30  Dan Kirkpatrick <[email protected]>

4.17. Non-Linux systems (reference only)

   System                      OS      BogoMips Reporter
   Casio 9850g calculator      Casio  0.000027  <[email protected]>
   Commodore 64                VICE     0.0033  <[email protected]>
   Z80 TRS80 model 4           TRSDOS    0.004  <[email protected]>
   Z80/4.6 NC100               ZCN       0.013  <[email protected]>
   Saturn/3.9 HP48S            none      0.196  <[email protected]>
   Saturn/7.8 HP48G            none      0.271  <[email protected]>
   Saturn/7.8 HP49G            none      0.321  <[email protected]>
   68000/8 Macintosh Classic   MacOS     0.53   <[email protected]>
   ARM9/75 HP49G+              none      1.335  <[email protected]>
   68020/20 Sun 3              SUNOS      2.0   <[email protected]>
   Intel 386SX/16              MSDOS      2.00  <[email protected]>
   68EZ328/20 Palm Vx          PalmOS     2.53  <[email protected]>
   Microvax 3100-30            NetBSD     2.74  <[email protected]>
   ARM ARM250/12               RISCOS     2.95  <[email protected]>
   68020/16 Macintosh LC       MacOS      3.09  <[email protected]>
   68020/25 Sun 3-180          SUNOS      4.0   <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun 3-60              SUNOS      4.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun 3-80              SUNOS      4.00  <[email protected]>
   PalmOne Treo 600            PalmOS     4.50  <[email protected]>
   Vaxstation 3100 M38         VAXVMS     4.66  <[email protected]>
   68030/25 Macintosh IIci     NetBSD     5.62  <[email protected]>
   AMD 386DX/40                MSDOS      8.03  <[email protected]>
   68040/25 Macintosh LC475    MacOS     12.27  <[email protected]>
   68040/33 HP9000-280         HP-UX     14     <[email protected]>
   68040/25 Apollo 5500        DomainOS  14.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun 4-280/20          SUNOS     16.0   <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun IPC/40            Solaris   16.00  <[email protected]>
   68040/25 HP9000-425         DomainOS  16.00  <[email protected]>
   68040 NextStep              (?)       16.26  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS1               SUNOS     18.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS1               SUNOS     18.00  <[email protected]>
   IBM RS6000 320              AIX       18.00  <[email protected]>
   ARM ARM710/40               RISCOS    18.43  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS1+              SUNOS     19     <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS1+              SUNOS     24.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun IPC               SUNOS     24.00  <[email protected]>
   IBM RS6000 320H             AIX       24.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun Sparcstation2     SUNOS     26.00  <[email protected]>
   SparcClassic/50             Solaris   32.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun ELC               SUNOS     32.00  <[email protected]>
   HP-PA 9000-720              HP-UX     32.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS10              SUNOS     34.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS10              SUNOS     34.00  <[email protected]>
   Pentium/100                 Win-NT    36.21  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun Sparcstation2     SUNOS     38.0   <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium/100           Beos5     38.50  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium/100           WinNT4    39.66  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium/100           FreeBSD   40.32  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium/100           MSDOS     40.71  <[email protected]>
   Mips R4000/100 Indy         (?)       48.00  <[email protected]>
   Mips R4000/100 SGI IndySC   Irix      48.00  <[email protected]>
   HP-PA 9000-720              HP-UX     48.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS10                  SUNOS     48.00  <[email protected]>
   IBM RS-6000-250/66          AIX       52.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun Sparcstation10d   SUNOS     54.0   <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS1000 2CPU           SUNOS     58.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS20                  SUNOS     60.00  <[email protected]>
   IBM RS6000-250/80           AIX       62.00  <[email protected]>
   Alpha 21064/133 Decstation  OSF1      64     <[email protected]>
   Alpha 21064/133 Dec3000     OSF1      66.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS5               SUNOS     68.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS20              SUNOS     72.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS20/712          Solaris   74     <[email protected]>
   Mips R4400/150 Challenge    (?)       74.00  <[email protected]>
   Mips R4400/150 Indigo2Extr  (?)       74.00  <[email protected]>
   HP-PA 9000-715              HP-UX     74.00  <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6/200              WinNT4    77.00  <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6/200              Win98     78.48  <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6/200              MSDOS     78.79  <[email protected]>
   Centaur C6/200              Win95     78.81  <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS5 sun4m             SUNOS     84.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS1000E               SUNOS     84.00  <[email protected]>
   Alpha                       OSF1      92.00  <[email protected]>
   Mips R4400/200 Indigo2Extr  (?)       98.00  <[email protected]>
   HP-PA 9000-735/99           HP-UX     98.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc SS5                   SUNOS    104.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS4/110           Solaris  108     <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS4               Solaris  108.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun SS5               SUNOS    110     <[email protected]>
   Alpha 21064A/233            OSF1     114     <[email protected]>
   Alpha 3000 21064/300        OSF1     120.00  <[email protected]>
   HP-PA 700/125               HP-UX    122     <[email protected]>
   HP-PA 9000-735/125          HP-UX    122.00  <[email protected]>
   Mips R4600/133 SGI Indy     Irix     132     <[email protected]>
   MIPS R5000/150              Irix     148.00 <[email protected]>
   IBM 6x86                    OS/2     149.13  <[email protected]>
   Alpha                       OSF1     180.0   <[email protected]>
   MIPS R10000/195             Irix     194.00 <[email protected]>
   Alpha 21164/333 AS500       OSF1     222.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra-1 sun4u         Solaris  254.00  <[email protected]>
   PPC604/133 IBM RS6000       AIX      254.00  <[email protected]>
   IBM RS-6000 43P powerpc     AIX      260.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc U-1 sun4u             SunOS    284.00  <[email protected]>
   Alpha 21164/433 DPW433au    OSF1     286.00  <[email protected]>
   HP9000-C160/160             HP-UX    316.00  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium MMX/166       Beos5    327.96  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium MMX/166       Win98    328.36  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun US1/170           Solaris  330     <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun US1/167           Solaris  330     <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium MMX/166       WIN95    331.40  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Ultra-1 sun4u         SUNOS    334.00  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium MMX/166       MSDOS    336.93  <[email protected]>
   Alpha 3000-600S             VMS      348.61  <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/750               BeOS5    372.05  <[email protected]>
   Alpha server 1000-4/200     VMS      397.68  <[email protected]>
   Sparc Sun-Ultra30/248       Solaris  482.00  <[email protected]>
   Intel Celeron/500           MSDOS    488.55  <[email protected]>
   Intel Celeron/500           BeOS5    494.81  <[email protected]>
   Intel Celeron/500           WinNT4   496.18  <[email protected]>
   Alpha 21164A/533 PC164LX    NetBSD   531.55  <[email protected]>
   Pentium II/350              Win2000  573.00  <[email protected]>
   Sparc US2/296 2cpu          SUNOS    596.00  <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/750               MSDOS    723.78  <[email protected]>
   AMD Duron/750               Win98    745.65  <[email protected]>
   PowerPC G3/600              MacOSX   789.51  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium III/800       Win98    795.36  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium III/800       MSDOS    814.25  <[email protected]>
   Intel Pentium III/866       MSDOS    849.65  <[email protected]>
   Cray J90 Y-MP/100 16cpu     Unicos   912.00  <[email protected]>
   Sequent Symmetry 6xP5/166   Dynix    984.00  <[email protected]>
   Sequent Symmetry 16xP5/66   Dynix   1056.00  <[email protected]>
   HP9000-C160/160             HP-UX   1278.00  <[email protected]>
   Sequent NUMA-Q 12x P6/180   Dynix   1416.00  <[email protected]>
   Pentium III/800             Win NT  2267.00  <[email protected]>
   Sequent NUMA-Q 32x P6/180   Dynix   3776.00  <[email protected]>

5. Signature

Isolde has now entered the age where reading and sending e-mail is so paramount that Dad must hand in his laptop during all daytime for this purpose. And if she isn't at it, her brother Roderick can spent the rest of the daylight time (and nighttime if we would allow him) at computer games, fortunately of the age-nine-approved type. But his is being caught up by his little sister, who now at the age of six can read all Dutch words that come before her eyes, on whichever medium, just like her siblings. Where did they get these voracious reading habits? Would having 500+ books in the living room have anything to do with it?

Met vriendelijke groeten, Wim 'Dad' van Dorst.

Wim van Dorst, Clifton Scientific Text Services, tel/fax +31 355 242 319
                   This sentence have three erors