15. Acknowledgments

Information here is collected from many sources. Thanks to the following who either indirectly or directly have contributed:

Rob Riggs
[email protected]

S. Coffin [email protected]

Viktor Przebinda [email protected]

Roelof Osinga [email protected]

Kyle Hasselbacher [email protected]

David S. Jackson [email protected]

Todd G. Ruskell [email protected]

Rogier Wolff [email protected]

Antonomasia [email protected]

Nic Bellamy [email protected]

Eric Hanchrow [email protected]

Robert J. Berger[email protected]

Ulrich Alpers [email protected]

David Noha [email protected]

Pavel Epifanov. [email protected]

Joe Germuska. [email protected]

Franklin S. Werren [email protected]

Paul Rusty Russell <[email protected]>

Christine Gaunt <[email protected]>

lin [email protected]

A. Steinmetz [email protected]

Jun Morimoto [email protected]

Xiaotian Sun [email protected]

Eric Hanchrow [email protected]

Camille Begnis [email protected]

Neil D [email protected]

Michael Tandy [email protected]

Tony Foiani [email protected]

Matt Johnston [email protected]

Geoff Billin [email protected]

Hal Burgiss [email protected]

Ian Macdonald [email protected]

M.Kiesel [email protected]

Mario Kratzer [email protected]

Othmar Pasteka [email protected]

Robert M [email protected]

Cinnamon Lowe [email protected]

Rob McMeekin [email protected]

Gunnar Ritter [email protected]

Frank Lichtenheld[email protected]

Bj√∂rn Lotz[email protected]

Othon Marcelo Nunes Batista[email protected]

The following have translated this HOWTO into various other languages!

A special thank you to all of them for help spreading the Linux word...

Polish: Ziemek Borowski [email protected]

Japanese: FUJIWARA Teruyoshi [email protected]

Indonesian: Tedi Heriyanto [email protected]

Korean: Bume Chang [email protected]

Spanish: Juan Carlos Fernandez [email protected]

Dutch: "Nine Matthijssen" [email protected]

Norwegian: [email protected] [email protected]

Turkish: tufan karadere [email protected]