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Linuxdoc Reference

A introduction to the linuxdoc dtd

Uwe Böhme, <[email protected]>

v1.1, 30 January 2000

This article is intended to be a reference for the SGML document type definition linuxdoc, which is coming along with the SGML text formatting system version 1.0. It should also be applicable to future versions which may be found at My Homepage.

1. Making of

2. Introduction

3. A minimalistic document

4. Document Classes

5. Inlines

6. Sectioning

7. Paragraphs

8. Inline Tags

9. Mathematical Formulas

10. Labels and References

11. Indices

12. Literate Programming

13. Reference


14. Named Symbols

15. Mathematical Figures

16. Linuxdoc dtd Source

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